Nivea – Pure Effect Thermo Daily Warming Cleanser Review  


I’d never heard of a “warming cleanser” prior to this one from Nivea landing on my desk. The name, Nivea Pure Effect Thermo Daily Warming Cleanser, caught my attention one day when I was sitting at my desk freezing my butt off, wearing gloves and a fluffy scarf tied around my head like a babushka. Obviously anything warming was going to appeal to me. But what would that feel like in a face cleanser and would it even do anything beneficial? I had to investigate. 

Nivea – Pure Effect Thermo Daily Warming Cleanser  First impression


Nivea – Pure Effect Thermo Daily Warming Cleanser
Nivea – Pure Effect Thermo Daily Warming Cleanser
  • The tube packaging is pretty standard for a drugstore cleanser. It has a flip-top lid that the tube stands on. I loathe this packaging because I don’t have shelves in my shower so all my products have to sit on the shower floor.
  • A squeeze of the tube delivers a blue creamy gel. It’s not runny or too thick, it holds its form.
  • A mild fragrance was noticeable during use. A powdery scent but not as strong as baby powder or the like. It dissipates as soon as the cleanser is rinsed off.

My Experience Nivea – Pure Effect Thermo Daily Warming Cleanser

  • Instructions of use say “Wet your face with warm water then dry your hands. Squeeze the cleansing gel onto your fingertips and massage over your entire face …”, which I find strange. I wash my face in the shower so drying my hands isn’t much of an option. However, I still found that when I put the cleanser on my wet hands it didn’t warm up until I put it on my face. I realize the formula must rely on the water to activate the heating particles but I never felt it heat up in my hands. For the hell of it, I did dry my hands as per the instructions on a few occasions and I had the same outcome as if I had put it on my hands in the shower.
  • I found the warming sensation incredible on a cold winter’s morning/evening but I don’t think I would enjoy it so much in warm weather. It doesn’t get hot, just warm enough that I say to myself, “ooh, this is nice!”.
  • It says the cleanser is for oily and “impure” skin. I have dry skin but my pores on my T-zone have been especially bad of late and I’ve had stress breakouts. It didn’t dry my skin out further but it did clear out the pores on my nose, removing blackheads.
  • It didn’t seem to do much to reduce my pimples but I’m assuming this is because mine is stress-related and not from a continual build-up of gunk.
  • There is slight foaming when used with your hands or an electrical device like the Foreo Luna Mini. The texture remains mostly in a creamy gel consistency. It feels pleasant and easy to move around.
  • Rinsing off was a breeze. It’s easy to feel when it’s all off but my skin felt clean without being squeaky.
  • I recommend double cleansing with this face wash if you are using it to remove makeup as well. Remove your eye makeup with a separate makeup remover prior to cleansing as this wash can’t be used around the eye area.

What Nivea say about Pure Effect Thermo Daily Warming Cleanser

DOES YOUR SKIN SUFFER FROM IMPURITIES? Deep cleansing is the first step to pure skin. NIVEA Thermo Daily Warming Cleanser fights impurities without overdrying for visibly purer skin:

  • Self-heating cleanser warms up as soon as it contacts the wet skin.
  • Antibacterial cleansing formula, enriched with Magnolia Extract, reaches deep in the pores and helps to prevent the formation of new impurities.

Magnolia Extract is derived from the Magnolia plant and known for its antibacterial properties.

Result: Your skin is deeply cleansed and left visibly purer. Non-Comedogenic: does not clog pores. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.

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