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Say hello to flawless-looking and beautiful skin with Bye Bye Foundation. Take a look at Bye Bye Foundation Reviews to know the benefits.The Bye Bye foundation – a product of Innovative Technology Cosmetics (IT Cosmetics) – promises a one-in-all solution to skin problems, in 30 seconds! It is called Bye Bye foundation because it is a moisturizer that eliminates the need for foundation by combining moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen all in one.

Facts Tell, Stories Sell – Bye Bye Foundation IT cosmetics

Jamie Kern Lima, the co-founder of IT Cosmetics, was a local news anchor in Studio City, California 8 years ago. The insanely popular make-up company, IT foundation, which she co-founded, was born out of her own experience searching for the right make-up to enable her look and feel her best under the glare of the lights and cameras.

Jamie Kern Lima has hereditary rosacea so it was quite a challenge. She would find herself spending a huge chunk of her paycheck on beauty products, having to test different products in an attempt to find products that did not look like blatant make-up on the screen.

Jamie’s great story telling skills has been instrumental in the company’s success. She broke away from the traditional way that skin care products are marketed; using models. Her willingness to go on air, remove her make-up and expose her rosacea then demonstrate how effectively the products covered it up is definitely a new way to promote products.

She has also been able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the product on a cross section of women including a 70+ year old. Her marketing strategies are definitely revolutionary. IT Cosmetics comes out as a company with real products for real people and with a real storyteller.

Flawless Skin in a Flash

Using the 3D skin flex technology, IT Bye Bye foundation promises the client a whole range of benefits. In fact it is often touted as a miracle product! It promises to cover skin imperfections while also serving as a full range skincare regime.

Bye Bye foundation promises flawless skin in 30 seconds without feeling the weight of the foundation on the skin as is the case with regular foundation. It promises to give the look of very effective make-up without taking away the feel of natural skin.

A healthier, younger skin that is achieved without feeling like one is wearing anything at all is definitely a dream come true. The 3D skin flex technology targets skin issues on 3 levels; it corrects, perfects and protects the skin.

Bye Bye Foundation Ingredients

Women often end up with new problems as they seek to protect themselves using different products. The most common sunscreens on the market contain chemical filters. These chemicals, which are first absorbed into the skin, scatter sun rays to make them harmless. Such products many times end up creating new problems for their users.

Mineral sunscreens use zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide. These are minerals that are taken from the earth and are therefore most often than not safer both for the human body as well as for the environment. They do not have to be absorbed into the skin since they act like a mirror by reflecting the UV rays away.

The manufacturers of Bye Bye foundation pride themselves for giving women a safe sunscreen product that is infused with mineral UV blockers. This assures the users of immediate and long lasting protection since mineral sunscreens work immediately and do not break down over time. With SPF 50+, women can safely enjoy protection against free radical damage, rewarding them with a healthier, younger skin.

Natural ingredients such as cinnamomum cassia bark extract, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, and many others sooth and protect the skin naturally. Improvement in the condition of the skin can be experienced in as little as 10 days. The moisturizer is effective yet gentle on the skin. One can actually go to sleep with it as it does not clog the pores.

The package includes other skincare products. Finishing powder complements the moisturizer by minimalizing the pores. The concealer effectively covers the under eye circles. The mascara gives the eye lashes the impression of being longer. The lipstick is anti-aging and has a great fruity flavor. It gives the lips a natural pink tone and keeps the lips hydrated.

Bye bye foundation - IT cosmetics
Bye bye foundation IT cosmetics

Bye Bye Foundation Reviews

Over time, there have been many reviews of Bye Bye foundation. Like any product in the market, reviews on Bye Bye foundation are sometimes positive and sometimes not positive. Any review of Bye Bye foundation is dependent on individual experiences from people with different skin types and skin conditions.

Despite IT makeup reviews being a mixed bag, with both positive and negative responses, satisfaction seems to be high, among those who use the product.

Favorable Flavor

The delicious citrus flavor has received positive reactions from clients through byebye foundation reviews. The fact that the moisturizer does not cake or crack even when one laughs or speaks is a huge plus.


IT Bye Bye foundation reviews indicate that clients do feel that the product is rather pricey though some feel that the fact that it eliminates the need for foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen and also comes with a free brush makes the price reasonable.

Full Coverage

The promise of giving full coverage is one that attracts mixed reactions from clients, with some feeling that it gives full coverage while others feel that the coverage could be better. What clearly comes out from these reviews is the need for individuals to experiment with the product until one gets the right amount to use for the desired results.

Different results for different skin types

IT cosmetic reviews from people with different skin types are also mixed. There are clients with dry skin who say that the product keeps their skin hydrated while some with really dry skin say that their skin feels dry if they use it without a moisturizer. Using a moisturizer first before applying the product gives better results for such cases.

IT cosmetics Bye Bye foundation reviews also show that clients with an oily skin felt that it does not address the oiliness very effectively, they say that some oiliness still remains despite the otherwise flawless looking skin. A few powder touchups during the day are however able to sort this out.

Ease of use

The ease of using the product is definitely a strong plus, with many liking the fact that the product is packaged in an easy-to-use pump. It takes less than a minute to achieve the look of a flawless skin even for those with serious blemishes and scarring, this is greatly appreciated by clients. The baby soft, fluffy, free brush that comes with the package is popular with clients.


IT cosmetics review rate most of the products highly. The finishing powder seems to be a favorite for covering up large pores. Clients also speak highly about the concealer and the lip vitality moisturizer and feel that these products are value for money. The lip care has anti-aging properties and has staying power. It does not get washed off with the first cup of drink.

Bye by foundation has been hailed by many of its users as delivering on the promise of possessing effectiveness that lasts all day long without the need for touch up.

The product that draws mixed reactions is the mascara. What seems to have disappointed some clients is the formula with some finding it sticky and kind of messy.

Skin Tones

The product comes in 5 shades; fair, light, medium, tan and rich. This is another area that did disappoint some clients. Some clients cannot get the right shade for their skin tone, such as those with very fair skin or the women of color whose complexion is on the lighter side. These clients felt that the options were limiting and did not factor in some complexions. Offering more shade choices could eliminate this problem.

There are clients who did not like the way the product made them look. Some said that their skin looked ashy while others said that they looked like they were wearing mud.


IT cosmetics Bye Bye foundation is available from the company’s website. It is also available through independent vendors on platforms such as Amazon and Ebay as well as on the Bye Bye foundation Ulta Beauty platform. One thing that seems to be getting a lot of negative reviews from clients is the automatic shipment program that accompanies orders made on the company website.

Many feel that they should not be put on autoship without being given a choice to choose if they wanted a regular supply of the product, especially in the case where clients ordered with the aim of testing the product. The complaint is that this is on really small print and many miss it when placing their orders. This is one area that is discouraging some from ordering the products because they do not want to end up paying for more product than they need. They would want to re-order at their own time.

Customer Service

The customer service was not rated too highly. There are those who found cancelling the autoship not very smooth, sometimes being told that they had to talk to a supervisor before the cancellation could be effected. Reorders made outside the autoship program did not go too smoothly for some either. Clients experienced delays with such orders with the explanation that they had been put under review and would require a supervisor to release them. Some clients did feel inconvenienced.

This company has pushed the products in the market by establishing an enthusiastic fan base. Fans spread the word about their satisfaction with the product and this has helped push up sales. This has been seen as both positive and negative, with some feeling like there is an element of taking advantage of fans.


This is a product line that has been developed together with plastic surgeons and dermatologists. The results it promises make it a favorite among women with skin problems and it is therefore advisable to consult a dermatologist just in case one does develop a reaction to some of the ingredients. All in all these products promise to revolutionize the makeup industry.


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