Milk & Co Face Cleanser | Celebrities brand?? Testing and Review

Milk & Co – Face Cleanser
Milk & Co – Face Cleanser

Today I would love to share my experience with Milk & Co Face Cleanser as it came highly recommended.

If you don’t know, Milk & Co is a brand created by two of Australia’s favorite celebrities – Michael & Lindy Klim. What started out as a brand for men’s and baby beauty products has grown into a gorgeous lifestyle brand, now including skincare for women too. Lindy draws inspiration from her Balinese roots (her dad is Balinese) and from growing up in clean & crisp Tasmania (her mom is Australian). This history is evident in her products and the use of natural ingredients along with being made in Australia made this a brand I was keen to try.

Will this inspire me to keep trying the line or will I throw in the towel? Read on to find out. 

First impression of Milk & Co – Face Cleanser

Milk & Co – Face Cleanser
Milk & Co – Face Cleanser
  • I really like the look of the Milk & Co packaging. All their products have this uniform aesthetic of square (or rectangle for larger products) plastic bottles with a dusty pink lid and a flip open cap in the middle. The cap reveals a small hole in the top so you can squeeze the contents out.
  • The formula is very runny. It reminds me of when you have a gel product that has melted – slightly thick but not thick enough to hold its form. This proved a little annoying with the packaging! Because just inverting the bottle over your hand causes more product to dispense from the bottle than you actually need. Additionally, where the opening is placed right in the center of the bottle means you are guaranteed to get the product spilling over onto the exterior. It isn’t a huge drama unless you are OCD about keeping all your bottles clean (like me!).
  • 150ml is a generous amount as I only required the size of a small coin to efficiently clean my face and neck. However, due to the packaging issue, I ended going through the contents much quicker than I needed to.

Things you should know about Milk & Co Face Cleanser

  • About the scent! I can definitely feel the Balinese vibe when I smell this cleanser because it smells exactly like whatever it is that makes Bali smell so pretty. Burning incense, exotic flowers and plants … I don’t know, but this cleanser is like the scent of Bali in a bottle.
  • Milk & Co Face Cleanser lightly foam during use but not so much that it gets into my eyes/mouth/nose. It foams a lot more with the use of an electrical device (like the Foreo). But either way, whether I used my hands or a tool, this cleanser gives a great clean without much effort. It doesn’t strip away essential moisture in the skin but I can feel it has done a thorough job.
  • It’s been wonderful at clearing a build-up of blackheads I had on my nose but it remained gentle on the sensitive parts of my skin too.
  • I found it removed makeup quickly and easily with little need for a second cleansing. I would still recommend you cleanse twice if you are wearing heavy or full coverage makeup to ensure you really do get everything off your skin.

What Milk & Co say ….

A natural-based foaming cleanser to clear away the day and get you ready for the next.  With scents of essential geranium oil, ylang-ylang and extracts of hibiscus flower and turmeric, this wash will invigorate the senses and refresh the skin. Perfect for all skin types and I made it paraben-free.

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