Review: Ultraceuticals Smoothing Pore Refiner


Hi Beauties, You all know my obsession with anything Ultraceuticals related so when I heard that they were launching their new product, Ultraceuticals Smoothing Pore Refiner I was like, gimmie!

To be honest, my pore size has never really caused me any grief. I think my pore size is normal, but was still keen to try this. While I’m not necessarily the target audience, it was recommended as a replacement of my beloved Ultra Clear Lotion. Now that caused me grief as I absolutely love the Ultra Clear Lotion. But as a beauty blogger, I’ve made the commitment to try new products, so here’s my thoughts on the new Ultraceuticals Smoothing Pore Refiner.



What Ultraceuticals says about the Smoothing Pore Refiner:

“The Ultra Smoothing Pore Refiner contains a synergistic blend of oil loving Hydroxy Acids designed to gently resurface and refine the appearance of large pores. Mandelic Acid (AHA), Salicin (BHA) and Salicylic Acid (BHA) provide a gentle exfoliating effect on the skin surface; while sebum regulating Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) helps to refine large open pores. Mandelic Acid is in a specialized delivery system which provides a more gentle exfoliating action on the surface of the skin. Mandelic Acid and Salicin have also been found to help tighten the collagen lattice around the pore opening helping the appearance of pore refinement.” 

Review: Ultraceuticals Smoothing Pore Refiner

  • Retails for $115 AUD and available from selected salon, clinics and David Jones. It is also slightly more expensive than my beloved Ultra Clear Lotion.
  • As the Pore Refiner has very similar ingredients to the Ultra Clear Lotion, I stopped using the Ultra Clear Lotion in the morning and replaced it with the Pore Refiner.
  • In the morning, I cleanse, apply a face mist and eye cream, then 2 pumps of the Pore Refiner and finish it off with my favourite Ultraceuticals SPF.
  • Just to be clear, you apply it all over your face, not just in your T zone.
  • The texture is very different to the Ultra Clear Lotion. The Ultra Clear Lotion is more liquidy and has a scent to it. The Pore Refiner is a white liquid/ gel texture and has not significant scent. The texture feels a bit silicony, similar to Benefit Poressional but not as silicony.
  • As it feels a bit silicony, I feel it instantly minimises the size of my pores.
  • It also works perfectly fine under makeup, or on no makeup days.
  • One day I had a weird side effect. I had applied it during the morning as usual, in the evening I cleansed and did my evening skincare routine. The following morning I woke up and my pores looked massive. Now it seems like it was a one off- but just thought I would mention it.
  • Also, my Beauty Therapist Jess found that during her first week of use, using it every day she began to peel quite a bit. Just to be clear, when you first start using it you are meant to use it every second day, so she knows she was naughty. On the positive her skin looked great! Personally I didn’t notice any peeling. Also another Beauty Therapist I was speaking to also had minimal peeling around their T zone, however I didn’t experience any peeling at all.
  • After about a month of use, I noticed my skin looking visibly clearer, the best its looked in a long time. Even if I had a spot pop up it would disappear within 24 hours.
  • However I didn’t notice any drastic changes with my pores. Then again I don’t think my pores are extremely large or visible.

Below is my skin after about 3 months using the Ultraceuticals Pore Refiner.


So while I personally didn’t see any amazing results for my pores, my skin is looking its best. Not sure if its also pregnancy glow, but I do think this has helped as well. The Pore Refiner is the only new product I’ve used in the past 3 months, so its the only product I can contribute to my better looking skin.

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