The Beauty of Ben Nye Banana Powder Review


The luxurious Ben Nye Banana Powder will keep your skin shine-free throughout the day. Read this ben nye banana powder review to know more.

Ever wondered how Kim Kardashian manages to look like a porcelain doll with magnificent skin every day? Well, for one, there’s the fact that she has amazing genes – but that’s not all there is to it. Having a makeup artist at your service also comes with a few perks; they will know exactly what kind of makeup to choose so that your skin will look fabulous. And the go-to for most of those artists is generally the Ben Nye banana powder.

What is Ben Nye Banana Powder?

If you’re asking yourself “What is Ben Nye Banana powder used for?” then the answer is simple: you use it to set your makeup and ensure that you are not a hot mess by the end of the day.

Also known as Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder, this is a product that was finely milled to make your skin look translucent. This banana powder was made with a twinge of yellow, as opposed to the sort of pinkish powders you usually find on the market. Many Ben Nye Powder reviews contain claims that the yellow cast will help in setting the concealer under your eyes; however, this powder is most commonly used as a contour one, and will highlight the T-zone and the areas under your eyes.

This powder is something that can be combined with other products and is suitable for every skin type, regardless if it’s dry or oily.

Who Can Use the Ben Nye Luxury Powder?

The Ben Nye powder has a translucent shade, so every woman, regardless of her skin tone, should be able to pull it off. It’s colorless enough to look natural, and its translucency will make your complexion look matte and natural.

Even so, if you feel that the banana powder does not do you justice, you may want to consider the other alternatives of the Ben Nye makeup:

  • Beige Suede – It has brown tones
  • Buff – It has pink tones
  • Cameo – It is a pink-beige powder

If your complexion is very fair, then the banana powder may not be your best choice. Many Ben Nye Banana Powder reviews suggest that under these circumstances, you may want to go for the lighter product. However, if you are not certain which Ben Nye powder colors to choose, the banana tone is a great middle ground for everyone.

Ben Nye Banana Powder – How to Use It?

You can apply the powder Ben Nye either with a brush or with a makeup sponge; however, you may want to go for the sponge, since it will offer you an evenly blended, smooth finish. You just have to put some of the product into the container’s cap (gently, because loose powder can easily make a mess), and then use a sponge or a brush to apply it on your face.

A Ben Nye powder swatch will be more than enough to let you know if this product is right for you or not.

Also, keep in mind that applying this powder should come at the end of your makeup routine and it’s best to apply it over a creamy concealer. By using a sponge or a brush, you ought to apply it on your forehead, under your eyes and all the way down to your T-zone. Don’t forget to dab some powder at the corner of your mouth and under your cheekbones.

  • Banana Powder Ben Nye as Finishing Powder

Since this powder provides a matte finish, it is a popular option for many women who choose it as finishing powder for their whole face. Keep in mind that if you use it together with contouring makeup, you may want to go for some light dusting; otherwise, all the work you did with the contouring will not be visible. In this case, it is better to use a brush since it will not leave such a thick layer of powder.

Benefits of Using the Ben Nye Powder

The Beauty of Ben Nye Banana Powder
The Beauty of Ben Nye Banana Powder

Every Ben Nye Banana Powder review talks about how awesome this product is. Upon putting it to the test, this is why you should definitely add it to your makeup kit:

  • A little goes a pretty long way – Since the powder is very fine, you will only need a little bit of powder to get full coverage. It’s safe to say that one container will last you a whole year.
  • It’s a great highlighter – This powder will naturally brighten the dark spots under your eye, and it will be a great ally if you use it with a concealer.
  • It offers a matte finish – As opposed to many face powders, this one will not leave your face chalky and dry – just matte. It’s perfect for both oily and dry skin types.
  • It keeps your makeup on lock – According to many Ben Nye makeup reviews, dabbing some banana powder on your face will allow your makeup to stay in place, offering you a fresh look that will last for hours.

Where Can I Buy Ben Nye Banana Powder?

The famous Ben Nye Setting Powder can easily be purchased from online sellers or specialized beauty shops. You can opt for eBay, Amazon, even the make-up aisles at the mall. Ulta is another popular place to get the Ben Nye Banana powder. This is a discount beauty retailer which sells make-up, hair care products, fragrances or skin care items. The Ben Nye Banana powder Ulta generally comes at compelling prices, making it really attractive for the customers of the brand.

You simply place your order for Ben Nye Powder Ulta, and you will have it in just a matter of days – regardless of where you live. The Internet makes it easy for everyone nowadays, and everything can be solved with just a click of the mouse.

As any Ben Nye powder review will say, this one is a keeper! It will help you combat oily skin and will offer a smooth and natural finish that will last you the whole day – regardless if you are wearing other makeup products or not.

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