Review: Erno Laszlo Dual-Phase Mask Collection


Hello beauties, Have you heard of Erno Laszlo? No? That’s ok. Me too. All I knew of the brand was their soap bar shaped cleansers that were famous for double cleansing. As you can see I don’t know much about the brand. I was then introduced to their unique face masks which are like a hybrid between a sheet mask and a peeling mask.



Review the Erno Laszlo Dual-Phase Mask:

  • They are bi-phase masks where you mix the powder and gel together in a bowl before applying to your face. This can get a bit messy and personally I don’t think I ever get the right texture.
  • When you apply the face mask take your time. I find using a spatula is the best way to apply it. I’ve used an old foundation brush and it doesn’t work very well.
  • Don’t apply near your hair or eyebrows, it’s hard to peel off on those areas but can be washed off. However on Ben’s facial hair there was no issues removing/ peeling off the mask.
  • Make sure to apply a thick layer, the thicker the better.
  • Leave on for 15 minutes or longer.
  • Then just peel off. Its surprisingly easy and fun to remove! If there’s any reminanents left over, just wash off with a muslin cloth.


Firmarine Lift Face Powder Mask (Firm & Lift)- $122 for 4 masks

  • This is the blue mask. When both Ben and I applied it to our face it had the most intense cooling feeling. Probably not ideal during winter…
  • With this mask there was way too much product and you could definitely get two uses out of it- except because it’s in a sachet you can’t really keep it for a later date. But that’s ok because Ben had to do it with me and his skin has never looked better!
  • Once we removed it our skin looked a lot fresher and felt more firm and plump.
  • The following morning I had a few white heads which I’m not sure if it was the face mask lifting all the gunk to the surface. Ben didn’t have this effect.
  • He also said my skin looked a lot clearer and brighter the following morning.

Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment – $122 for 4 masks

  • This is the light pink mask. I also recently found out this was the original dual phase mask from Erno Laszlo.
  • It contains a lot less product in the sachets then the Firm & Lift Mask. I find by using one sachet its the ideal amount but difficult to peel off. So I use two sachets now which is a bit excessive but its much easier to peel off.
  • It applied a lot thinner than the Firm & Lift mask and also didn’t seem to set as well which made it more difficult to peel off.

White Marble Bright Face Powder Mask (Lighten & Brighten)*- $122 for 4 masks

  • This mask if white and is similar to the Firm & Lift mask in terms of texture and ease of use.
  • This mask was easy to remove and left my skin looking visibly brighter and a little more plump.
  • The following morning I didn’t have any purging on my skin, my skin still looked bright and was visibly clearer.


As you can see I’m clearly more in love with the lastest editions; the Firm & Lift and the Ligheten & Brighten. Yes they’re expensive but I think they’re great quality products and perfect for a little pick me up for your skin. Erno Laszlo is available exclusively in Australia to Sephora.

Also just a quick thank you to the amazing team at Erno Laszlo for taking the time to introduce me to their brand and teach me how to mix the masks.


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