Best Argan Oil Benefits for Flawless Skin and Hair


The best Argan oil for skin has incredible benefits for hair and skin. This amazing oil is rich in beneficial fatty acids, lipids, vitamin E and other antioxidants. If you are wondering where to buy Argan oil and want to learn more about the incredible benefits of this elixir, look no further. Argan trees are found in the Southwest of Morocco, and pure Argan oil is produced from the nuts. Argan oil is a sustainable product as the Argan forest in Morocco was declared a UNESCO protected biosphere in 1998.

The production of Argan oil has remained the same for centuries. Argan nuts are hand pressed in fair trade cooperatives by Berber women. The argan nuts are hand cracked, and the kernels are extracted from the hard shells. They are then ground in a stone grinder and kneaded and pressed for hours to extract the Argania Spinosa kernel oil. The intensive process that goes into producing the oil makes it extremely valuable. This is also the reason why 100% pure Argan oil is one of the most expensive oils.

Argan Oil Benefits for Skin

100% pure Argan oil is an excellent choice if you are looking to simplify your beauty routine, as it has numerous Argan oil skin benefits and hair benefits. What does Argan oil do? Where can I buy Argan oil? Is Argan oil good for skin? These are some of the questions you may have. Argan oil is packed full of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids, which help moisturize, soften and protect skin from sun damage and other environmental aggressors. Using Argan oil for acne prevention is an added benefit. Pure Moroccan Argan oil is also free from parabens and harmful toxins.

Keep reading to find out more about the best cold pressed Argan oil brands and give this miraculous oil a try.

Best Argan Oil Brands 2021

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Foxbrim Organic Argan Oil

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Josie Maran Argan Oil

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Poppy Austin Pure Argan Oil for Hair & Skin

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OGX Moroccan Penetrating Oil

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Pura D’Or Moroccan Argan Oil

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1. Foxbrim Organic Argan Oil

Unlike other Argan oil pure products available in the market, which are a blend of various oils, Foxbrim Argan Oil is completely chemical free and organic. In fact, the best Argan oil in its purest form in the only component of this product.

Foxbrim sources the oil in small batches and sets the industry standard by ensuring that the oil is pure and fresh. This is a nutrient rich oil that has a number of uses and can be applied from head to toe. It produces excellent results when used on your face, hands, feet, hair and even nails. Argan oil can be used on the cuticles to help strengthen brittle nail beds. When used on hair, it nourishes it and also helps extend the life of hair color. It is recommended to use this Argan oil for wrinkle free skin. Additionally, it is a natural, effective way to treat eczema. This unrefined, cold pressed, virgin oil is imported from Morocco and bottled in the USA.

2. Josie Maran Argan Oil

Josie Maran’s natural Argan pure oil products are well known in the world of skincare. This 100% pure organic Argan oil is pure, light and potent. It comes packaged in a glass bottle with a dropper that makes it easy to use. You can also concentrate the application of this on areas where you need it the most, without wastage. The bottle is made from recycled glass, and the fact that it is dark in color protects the product from harmful UV rays.

What does Argan oil smell like? This oil has a pleasant, distinct nutty Argan oil smell. This pure Argan oil comes in a 1.7-oz. bottle. There are also other Argan oil products available in the range such as sunscreen, cleansing oil, and moisturizer.

3. Poppy Austin Pure Argan Oil for Hair & Skin

The Poppy Austin Pure Argan Oil is a potent substance that helps smooth hair strands and enrich their radiance. It is one of the most popular products in the range. Being a dual action oil, it is also an excellent for skin, leaving it soft and nourished. When used regularly, it makes hair free from split ends and frizz, leaving it silky and smooth. It can be used on the face, neck and entire body for smoother, younger looking skin. You can also use this Argan oil for wrinkle free skin. Additionally, his nourishing oil is effective in treating psoriasis, acne and stretch marks. Argan oil acne treatment products are extremely efficient at preventing breakouts.

The Poppy Austin Argan Oil is a luxurious oil that is responsibly sourced and made by hand. It is on the expensive side, but a single bottle will last you over 3 months. It contains cold-pressed, organic, unrefined, 100% pure Argan oil to provide the maximum Argan oil skin benefits.

4. OGX Moroccan Penetrating Oil

The OGX Moroccan Penetrating Oil is a completely natural, lightweight, moisture balancing treatment. It is one of the best Argan oil brands that strengthens hair and makes it look silky. This Argan oil is derived from the southwest region of Morocco and is completely pure. It is affordably priced making it easily accessible to all. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, which help renew and replenish skin and hair.

This Argan oil also protects hair from heat styling and UV damage. It penetrates the hair shaft quickly and restores shine and softness. It also strengthens hair, making it resistant to breakage. To use, take a small amount of the OGX Moroccan Penetrating Oil on your palms. Rub them together to warm the oil and apply this evenly on your hair or skin, massaging it in. It can be used along with other OGX Moroccan oil products for great results.

This product comes packaged in bottles that are manufactured from eco-friendly materials. The oil is paraben free and is not tested on animals.

5. Pura D’Or Moroccan Argan Oil

This is a Pure, Natural & Organic Argan oil that can be used on the skin, hair and scalp. When used regularly, it nourishes the scalp, helps smoothen hair follicles, heals dryness, tames flyaways and helps soften skin. It adds deep hydration leading to increased elasticity, and fewer wrinkles and fine lines. This makes this an effective Argan oil wrinkle and anti-aging treatment.

This oil is made in Morocco and combines science and nature to deliver transformative results. It is gentle yet effective on the skin and can be used daily. It is suitable for all skin types and delivers fantastic results.

This oil also helps stimulate the regeneration of hair and skin cells. It helps add hydration to dry hair and fades the appearance of stretch marks and scars. It restores the skin’s nutrient content, making it smoother and softer.

It is recommended to emulsify this oil between you palms before applying to skin or hair for best results. It is 100% pure, organic, unrefined, cold pressed and free from harmful chemicals. It is manufactured using industry standards and is of exceptional quality. It is also USDA certified, and free of sulfates, parabens, pesticides, artificial colors, and synthetic fragrances.

Final Thoughts

Argan oil has numerous benefits and can be used safely in its pure form. A single bottle of this miracle oil will last you a long time and it is extremely versatile.

When choosing an Argan oil, it is important to select one from a reliable source to ensure that you get the best benefits. The products listed above contain Argan oil sourced from Morocco. With these brands, you can be sure that you are getting the best quality, pure, organic products. So add one of these to your skin care routine to experience the amazing benefits for yourself.

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