Review: Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil

Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil

Hello beauties, I was recently gifted the new Ouai Rose Hair and Body Oil at the recent Sephora Showcase. Anything Ouai has me intrigued and since I hadn’t heard much about this product I wanted to try it and tell you all about it! I should also mention its currently a best seller at Sephora Australia, and Ouai has just released a larger size since there was a demand for it.


Review: Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil

  • Retails for $50 AUD or $32 USD
  • It’s a hair and body oil with a signature blend of rose, bergamot, lychee and white musk. Personally, I didn’t really notice the scent at all. I even asked a friend to smell it and she didn’t notice any scent at all
  • While on the website it states you can use this on your hair to repair damage, I was actually advised it’s not the best at repairing damage but provides more of a gloss/sheen to your hair
  • I tend to apply one to two drops into the palms of my hands before applying it onto my dry hair
  • For my hair I find it creates a beautiful sheen. I feel if I were to apply any more drops my hair could easily look oily…
  • In the below photo I’ve applied about 2 drops into my hair. I think it provides a gorgeous sheen but as you can see it hasn’t done anything to repair the damage from dying my hair
  • As a body oil, it’s a dry oil so it’s easy to blend into the skin and doesn’t leave you feeling oily
  • It absorbs into the skin really quickly, provides some hydration but not as much as I was expecting


I think this would be a great body oily for warmer weather as it provides some hydration, doesn’t leave you feeling oily and provides a gorgeous sheen. In terms of it as a hair oil, I like but don’t love it. It provides enough shine without making my hair oily, however doesn’t repair damage. As you can see I didn’t love this product, I feel it’s more of a superficial product as opposed to a skincare/ hair care product that will provide hydration and repair damage. I must be the only person that doesn’t like it as its a best seller, so clearly there’s plenty of people loving it…

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