The 10 Best Hair Brush Straightener ( Expert Reviews )


Hair is one of the most intimate parts of a woman’s body. This is due to the fact that hair is an accessory that has to be worn every day. Making a decision on whether to leave the hair curly or use a brush that straightens the hair is a constant challenging decision that has to be made by many women.

The art of hair straightening dates back to the 18th century. Erica Feldman used the first invented ironing device to straighten her hair. This of course proved to be a safety hazard. Over the years, trial and error has led to other methods being used including hair straightening chemical products and hair dryers, which were ultimately strenuous as well.

The emergence of a hair brush that straightens hair made achieving perfectly straight hair safe and reliable. The hair straightener maneuvers through the hair with ease and gives the hair an impeccable image in the shortest time possible.

What is a Hair Brush Straightener?

A hair brush straightener is a tool that is used for grooming the hair by detangling and removing curls. Regardless of the type of hair, ¾ of it is made up of hydrogen bonds that act as adhesive to help retain the strength of the hair. These bonds are usually broken by water or humidity that come from the body’s natural processes like perspiration. The use of an electric hair brush straightener immediately reforms these hydrogen bonds and makes the hair appearance sleek, fuller and natural.

Excessive heat manipulation of the hair over a long period of time causes severe damage to the scalp and the hair as well. A hair brush that straightens hair is mostly recommended to the people who have thin and damaged hair as it uses low heat levels as compared to other hair straightening tools. The low heat levels make the hair brush straightener reliable as it can be used on a daily basis.

When using an electric hair brush straightener, it is important to take proper care of the hair so as to completely eliminate the possibility of split ends or rough edges.

Different Styles of the Hair Brush Straightener

The hair brush straightener is designed in three styles that implement different mechanisms to achieve straight hair.

  1. Flat detangling electric brush – This electric hair straightening brush has the shape of a flat iron. It has short bristles that detangle the hair and give it a smooth and shiny appearance.
  2. Double plated rectangular brush – This is the best hair straightener brush for damaged or slightly curled hair. It is designed to be effective without the use of heat. It has two brushes mounted on each plate that straighten the hair as you pull.
  3. Rotating round barrel electric brush – This is a hot straightening brush that is useful for adding volume to the hair and giving it a fuller appearance. Hot air blows from inside the brush while the bristles located on the rotating barrel work to straighten the hair.

According to turbo hair straightener brush reviews, this type of hair straightener brush is the best to buy if you spend less time touching up the hair. It delivers result in record time.

Top Hair Brush Straightening Products: Comprehensive Ratings Chart

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Bestidy Hair Straightener Brush

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FemJolie Hair Straightening Brush

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AsaVea Hair Straightening Brush

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Uspicy Hair Straightening Brush

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Jose Eber

Jose Eber Digital Straightening Brush

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NeBeauty Professional Hair Straightener

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InStyler Hair Straight Up

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Sutra Beauty

Sutra Beauty Ionic Heat Hair Brush

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Conair John Freida

Conair John Freida Paddle Brush

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Sela Beauty Straightening Brush

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10 Hair Brush Straightening Product Reviews

1. Bestidy Hair Straightener Brush


This brush is ideal for ladies with a sensitive scalp. It has an anti-scald feature that protects the hair and scalp from any form of irritation. It emits negative ions that ensure the hair remains hydrated and moisturized through the whole straightening process.

2. FemJolie Hair Straightening Brush


This hair straightening brush heats up in seconds and applies the swivel cord technology. It is equipped with a bright LCD screen for adjusting the temperature levels. FemJolie Hair Straightening Brush offers a 60 day money back guarantee for the unsatisfied customers.

3. AsaVea Hair Straightening Brush


AsaVea Hair Straightening Brush is well known for its easy to use design. It has six preset temperature settings that allow you to pick a heat level that is most comfortable for your hair. It is armed with ceramic iron bristles that prevent detachment of any nib. This hair brush straightener is suitable for professional styling.

4. Uspicy Hair Straightening Brush


USpicy Hair Straightening Brush has seven temperature settings and an LED temperature display point. It is designed with ceramic plates with anti-burn technology. The extra thin bristles penetrate each section of the hair and straighten more strands at a time. The auto-shut feature allows it to go off in sixty seconds of no use.

5. Jose Eber Digital Straightening Brush

Jose Eber

This hair straightening brush has ceramic bristles that straighten the hair as it glides through. The bristles are coated with silicone and protect the scalp from burning while straightening the hair. It has a lightweight design that ensures the arm is not strained during use.

6. NeBeauty Professional Hair Straightener

The ceramic bristles on NeBeauty Professional Hair Straightener glide over the hair strands with ease and protects the strands from exposure to high heat levels. It has a lightweight design with the swivel cord feature. This hair straightening brush also has an auto-shut feature

7. InStyler Hair Straight Up


This hair brush straightener gives results in record time. It comes in two versions; the regular straightener that has up to seven different heat settings and the Straight Up Lite version that features only one heat setting. The InStyler Straight Up brush has ceramic plates that distribute heat all over the hair. It is also equipped with an LED display screen for adjusting temperature.

8. Sutra Beauty Ionic Heat Hair Brush

Sutra Beauty

Sutra Beauty Ionic Heat Hair Brush is a luxury brand that is priced higher than the regular market price. It has anti-frizz technology that is sufficient for thick and curly hair. It features an adjustable digital temperature control that ensures the hair gets the right amount of heat. This hair straightening brush uses infrared to ensure the correct heat levels are maintained.

9. Conair John Freida Paddle Brush

Conair John Freida

This straightening brush is ideal for hair that is prone to tangle and breakage. The silicone coated bristles automatically reduce frizzing and adds shine to dull hair. It emits negative ions that tightens the hair cuticle and adds volume to the hair.

10. Sela Beauty Straightening Brush

Sela Beauty Straightening Brush is optimized for extremely thick and curly hair. With the swivel technology in place, the thick and sturdy bristles make hair straightening a quick and easy process. It also has an auto-lock function that prevents any accidents from happening. It straightens thick hair in good time and leaves it looking glamorous.

How to Use a Hair Brush Straightener

When using an electric brush that straightens hair, it is important to read the instructions on the manual so that you are sure of getting the most out of this product.

  • Step 1: Shampoo and condition the hair. Do not dry the hair completely as the hair brush straightener works best on damp hair.
  • Step 2: Moisturize the hair using a combination of base oil and an essential oil. This prevents the hair from heat damage or frizzling. Apply a heat protectant serum or spray at this point as well.
  • Step 3: Separate the hair into small sections to ease the process of straightening.
  • Step 4: Turn the hair brush straightener on and set it on the lowest heat.
  • Step 5: Start with one of the sections at the back. Use the hair straightening brush while it is still on the lowest heat. Run the brush twice on the section, if the heat does not straighten the hair, adjust the heat level and proceed to the rest of the hair.

Apalus Brush Hair Straightener is a turbo hair straightener which can achieve results that many manual brushes cannot. Its standard heating design optimizes it for dry hair usage. It uses constant heat and when it is turned on it goes to full temperature in sixty seconds.

This straightening brush is set to operate at 365 degrees Celsius, a heat level that is completely suitable for sensitive hair. It also has alternative settings for different textured hair. For the heavier thick hair- 4C hair- , the Apalus Brush hair straightener can be programmed to 450 degrees Celsius and 410 degrees for the natural textured hair; 3A-4B.

Despite it being a heated hair brush straightener, it has a ‘no scald tip’ which eliminates any possibilities of heat penetration to the hair, scalp or hands. The fact that it can straighten any hair type in no more than ten seconds ideally makes it the best hair straightening brush in comparison to many in the market.

Owing to its affordability and the speed at which it delivers expected results, Apalus hair brush straightener reviews give it a five-star rating and even go further as labeling it as possibly the best hair straightening brush.

Dafni Hair Brush Straightener is a ceramic hair straightening brush that uses the simple ‘brush to straighten’ method to give you straight and frizz- free hair. It is equipped with ceramic heated plates on a large surface area that surround each bristle thereby straightening the hair evenly.

Most hair straightening brush reviews praise this product for finally eliminating the burning smell that is present when applying heat to the hair. The genius heated ceramic plate design automatically propels it towards being recognized as one of the best hair brush straightener.

Advantages of using a Hair Brush Straightener

  • The temperature selection methods ensure comfortable levels of heat ultimately preventing the hair and scalp from damage.
  • Evenly distributed bristles that ensure each separated strand of hair receives equal amount of heat application.
  • The hair brush straightener layers the hair and increases the volume over a period of time while retaining its natural appearance.
  • Using a hair brush straightener makes hair care manageable and quick by flattening and straightening the hair at the same time.
  • The heated hair brush anti-burn technology allows for frequent use.
  • Makes dull hair look shiny and fresh.

How to Maintain Healthy Hair When Using a Hair Brush Straightener

Heat manipulation, even at the lowest level has the possibility of going terribly wrong if the hair is not properly cared for. Following the product guidelines will not ultimately give immunity to hair and scalp damage.

There are simple ways that the hair can be protected when using a hair brush straightener. These methods can also be incorporated in your daily routine to give you healthier, happier hair.

Moisturize and seal.

The hair loves water. Moisturizing is important in keeping the hair healthy and manageable. Lock in moisture before using a hair brush straightener by using your choice plant and seed based oils. Use oils that are able to penetrate the shaft and strengthen it and you will be certain to prevent breakage caused by heat manipulation.

​Consistent Regimen

While using a hair straightening brush, have a simple routine. Avoid hair products that have sulphates, parabens and petrolatum components. These products clog pores and suffocate the hair follicles. When washing the hair, you can follow these steps to prepare the hair adequately for the brush that straighten hair.

  • Infuse the hair with oils to protect it from damage during shampooing. This will also ensure the hair is well oiled even when using the hair brush straightener. In the hair industry, the process is known as ‘Pre-poo’
  • Lather the head with conditioner and thoroughly clean the scalp. This should be done weekly. The hair should be washed using a shampoo once every month.
  • Deep condition the hair at least once or twice a month. Natural products like bananas, avocados can be used for this process. When frequently using a heated hair brush straightener, using a protein based deep conditioner will ensure the hair grows and remains healthy.
  • Lastly, do an oil rinse followed by an apple cider rinse. Saturate the hair and massage it from the root to the tip to restore the hair to the regular pH. Invest in a microfiber towel that prevents the hair from breakage while rubbing.


Before embarking on the journey of hair straightening, it is good to research not only about the product but your hair type as well. The market is quickly evolving and the pressure to come up with the best brush hair straightener accelerates the rate of produce.

Some of these products attempt to catch up with the trends and discard all safety precautions just to get a wide client reach. Anyone who is not well informed is susceptible to these products and might end up severely damaging their hair.

Strive to purchase the best straightening brush that is intricately designed to meet specific hair needs and does not through safety out the window.

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