Natural Eye Makeup Remover (for Waterproof Mascara too)


Chemical makeup removers we mostly buy and use daily can irritate and aggravate the skin, and it may cause eczema and allergies. To obtain your skin with the necessary vitamins and keep it fresh, we suggest replacing these chemicals with natural eye makeup remover.

Oils as natural eye makeup remover

  • Olive oil – Dip a cotton ball in olive oil and make gentle movements to remove makeup from the face. Olive oil thoroughly cleans your skin, and the fact that it successfully removes waterproof mascara can prove that. In addition to providing the necessary vitamins for your skin, after only a few days of use, you will notice that your dark circles are paler and less noticeable. This oil suits every skin type.
  • Castor oil – The difference between this and other oils is that it is only recommended for oily skin type. Also, the price is a lot more affordable than the price of olive oil.
  • Almond oil – a substitute for olive oil, but it should be used by only those of you that have oily skin type. Almond oil is specially recommended for women who have sensitive eyes and those who wear lenses. If you want your skin to be smooth and soft, apply almond oil on your face before going to sleep, leave on for a few minutes and remove it with the chamomile tea.
  • Coconut oil – Along with being a successful and natural eye makeup remover, it also moisturizes your skin. For ladies who have weak and rare lashes this is a great solution. Your lashes will be stronger after a few days of use, and will get more volume. It is recommended for dry skin type.
  • Rosemary oil – most of us have a problem with removing lipstick, especially when it comes to red lipstick or some other strong shade. In addition to being an ideal tool for removing lipstick, rosemary oil also makes your lips hydrated. Therefore, you can also apply a few drops on the lips before bedtime and leave it on for a few minutes. Your lips will be nourished, soft and will not be cracked.

Cucumber as natural eye makeup remover

Cucumber as natural eye makeup remover
Cucumber as natural eye makeup remover

They are effective in removing makeup only when mixed with milk. You can chop, grate the cucumbers, combine it with milk, then boil the mixture and leave it to cool. Then, by applying it with cotton pad and with gently strokes, makeup will be removed. Besides giving your skin a glow and cleaning it, it also slows down the aging process and reduces wrinkles.

Milk or yogurt as natural eye makeup removers

Certainly one of the most popular and widely used means for removing makeup. The combination of milk or yogurt with a few drops of any oil that was previously mentioned is the best natural eye makeup remover. Milk cleans the face from the grease and cleans even the deepest layers of the skin. It is also very effective if you have sensitive eyes that react to chemical compounds in chemical makeup removers.

Yogurt has a similar effect. In addition to returning the freshness of the skin, it provides it with the elasticity and smoothness. The skin easily absorbs the proteins in yogurt, so it quickly regenerates.

Give your face a break from harmful chemicals and at least occasionally use some of these natural eye makeup remover ideas.

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