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There are things in life that sometimes cannot be discounted. Those things are a splurge for a reason. They may be expensive and may sound ridiculous, but oh boy they make you feel good. Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color Lipstick are just that, and my life is so much better now that it includes one. And not just anyone, the Pure Pink one. My ultimate favourite pink of all time.

Sometimes you can love something so much that only pictures can show just how you feel. I have tried to write this review 10 times and I keep coming back to the same few but important reasons. As a result, this review will be short but I feel the pictures say everything.

My review Tom Ford Lipstick

First up, the packaging. Look at it. Just look at it. White Ivory (ok not real Ivory but you get the picture) and Gold accents. Classy embossing of ‘TOM FORD’ on the top of the lid. The click of the sturdy lid attaching to the base. Ahhhhhh …. packaging heaven!

When you go to wind up the Tom Ford lipstick, again, a dream. It is so smooth and perfect. And then you see the perfectly moulded tip appear with a TF stamp.

The colour itself is so rich and pigmented. One swipe leaves you with opaque colour, no shimmer and the lightest of sheens, making it ideal for every age group. I seriously want every single colour (there are 12 in total).

Tom Ford Lipstick
Tom Ford Lipstick – Pure Pink

Not only is it a great colour at first swipe, but it really does last. I find the Pure Pink almost tints my lips and I am able to eat, drink and be merry without worrying that my lips are nude.

The formula isn’t overly creamy so you do need a smooth pout to begin with, but I think that it works well with this lipstick because it allows the colour to really stay put.

Tom Ford Lipstick - Pure Pink
Tom Ford Lipstick – Pure Pink

One thing I am not fond of (but I overlook it because of everything else) is that it has a somewhat floral but very subtle scent. I would prefer if it had no scent.

And lastly, you know how ‘they’ say that “A good lipstick can brighten an entire face”? Well, here is the proof. An early morning, half asleep, dead-eyed version of me …..

If I could marry a lipstick, this would be it. Oh, but if I could marry the lipstick maker, that would be even better (looking at you, Mr. Ford).

What Tom Ford Says about their Lipstick …..

Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Colour presents twelve essential shades. Contains soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil. Lip colour creates an ultra-creamy texture with smooth application. Colour pigments are blended to deliver pure colour with the right balance of luminosity for a polished finish. Housed in a gold-accented ivory case.

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