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Dark under-eye circles have crept back into my life recently as I have put in extra hours and late nights preparing this website for some new amazing features. They aren’t as bad as they used to be but having banished them with this DMK treatment I’m upset I have any at all. That means it was time to bring in the targeted eye treatments for dark circles. Clinique’s Even Better Eyes range has won countless awards. I wonder how does the Clinique – Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector stack up against my pigmented bags?

In this review, I reveal if the product reduced the appearance of my under eye dark circles and if it was a product pleasant to use.

Clinique – Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector Packaging and Formula

Clinique – Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector 
Clinique – Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector
  • The petite tube holds 10ml/.34 fl oz of product. I was concerned that with daily use I would go through it within a couple of weeks. But I used the product daily (sometimes twice per day) for over 30 days and it still hasn’t run out. I don’t know exactly how much has been used as the packaging is opaque. However, I haven’t had to squeeze with any effort to extract some product.
  • Sealed in a white tube body with silver cap, the inverted packaging makes sure the product is travelling downwards and therefore always ready to apply. Even though it is small in size it still balances and doesn’t fall over.
  • I would say the formula is somewhere between a cream and a serum. It’s thick enough not to run or drip, but it’s light and melts in quickly. It’s tinted, which was unexpected, but the colour does dissipate so use a small amount and thoroughly massage it.

My reviews Clinique – Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector

  • Easily my favourite thing about this eye product is the applicator. The metal massage-tip feels cool and refreshing when it touches the skin. When enough product is on the tip it glides smoothly over the skin allowing you to do circular motions without any pulling or dragging. It’s important to make sure you squeeze out the product prior to putting the applicator on your skin otherwise you will feel dragging.
Clinique – Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector 
Clinique – Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector
  • For testing purposes, I applied various amounts. On the occasions, I applied too much to massage it all in I found the tint was too dark for my skin tone. I doubt this would be an issue for anyone darker skinned than me (which is most of the population).
  • While I loved the feel of the product and the ease of use, I can’t say I saw much of a reduction of my under eye dark circles. My eyes did look refreshed instantly after use, which I attribute to the cool applicator and the massage movements. I felt hydrated throughout the day, but in the 30-day trial, I was unable to improve the depth of colour.
  • It works fabulously under makeup. Some eye creams can really affect how concealer and foundation stick to the delicate skin. Fortunately, this product kept the skin hydrated so there was no creasing or flaking when makeup was worn over the top.

What Clinique say ….

Even Better Eyes has the power to brighten the appearance of the entire eye area. Plumping hydration makes thin eye-area skin appear less transparent and the cooling massage tip refreshes tired-looking eyes. Optics instantly brighten all skins, fair to deep.

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