What are the Best Night Creams for your Skin?

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Night creams are a very integral part of any beauty regime. We have got the list of best night creams that are sure to bless your skin. It feels good to wake up with healthy-looking skin, doesn’t it? But, how do you achieve that? Well, worry no more as we have devised a list of the best night creams that are sure to condition, repair and renew your skin with regular use. Let’s take a look.

Best Night Creams Reviews

1. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream Night

Neutrogena Healthy Skin

This affordable product is retinol based and will work for women of any skin type and age. You will get brighter and smoother skin within weeks of use. It even works well on extremely sensitive and dry skin. It is known for its cream texture, blackhead shrinking effects and wrinkle reducing abilities.

2. Burt’s Bees Sensitive Night Cream

Burt’s Bees Sensitive Night Cream

Do you have sensitive skin? Then this is the ideal product for you. This night cream is proven to moisturize sensitive skin without any irritation or redness. It’s specially formulated with softening Cotton Extract that can sustain moisture. It also contains products like rice extract and aloe to soothe the skin. It is formulated with shea butter which is nourishing. Moreover, it is Dermatologist Tested, Allergy Tested, Fragrance-Free and hypoallergenic.

3. The Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream

The Body Shop Vitamin E

This is an efficient and straightforward moisturizer that smells fantastic. The product is a bit on the greasy side. But, you will be able to wake up with moisturized and soft skin. The product is suitable for people with dry skin as well. It is affordable and cost effective.

4. Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream

Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream

This is one of the few instances where a drugstore brand has impressed reviewers and users alike. It is a night cream that is available in the departmental stores. You will also wake up with a soft and fresh looking skin. The Olay night cream stands out with its fabulous staying power, light fragrance, and nongreasy texture. The product will last long and is cost effective. These features make it the best drugstore night cream.

5. Aveeno Positively Ageless Reconditioning Night Cream


This product is affordable, reliable and easy to find. If you have sensitive skin, then you will appreciate the skin hydrating qualities of this product. Your skin will not be greasy and will be clean It will absorb fast and works well on dry and sensitive skin types alike. Aveeno Positively Ageless Reconditioning Night Cream is lightweight and will leave your skin smooth. These features make it the best anti-aging night cream.

6. SkinCeuticals Renew Overnight Dry Cream


If an overnight difference is what you are expecting, then this is the perfect product for you. It can combat fine lines, wrinkles and will give you a healthy glow without causing breakouts. It is good on combination skin. Even though the product is a bit on the pricey side, it is completely worth it.

7. Burt’s Bees Skin Nourishment Night Cream

Burt’s Bees

Are you looking for a magic cream that can repair and nourish your skin by the time you wake up the next day? Then, this is the product for you. The product is dermatologist tested, and its royal jelly formula can enhance your skin and increase its radiance. It has a lightweight formula that will not clog your pores. It will provide instant moisture and will last all night long.

8. Mario Badescu Skin Care Seaweed Night Cream

Mario Badescu

You will be able to see results after just one use of Mario Badescu Skin Care Seaweed Night Cream. You will wake up with reduced acne and soft skin after regular use. The texture of the product is a bit on the thicker side. But, it does not cause breakouts or greasiness. Instead, you will get a radiant complexion and reduced dryness.

The other highlights of this product are its reasonable price, deep hydrating capabilities, and fantastic fragrance. These features make it one of the best night creams.

9. Mary Kay TimeWise Night Solution

Mary Kay

Mary Kay TimeWise Night Solution can make your skin great from the inside out. It is oil free, will not clog pores and is lightweight. The formula is suitable for all skin types and is hypoallergenic. It is more suitable for oily and sensitive skin. The product contains peptides and vitamins to nourish your skin. In short, Mary Kay TimeWise Night Solution have the efficiency of night creams that are four times its price.

10. PCA Skin Clearskin Phaze 18

PCA Skin Clearskin

The product is good at combating acne breakouts. It will help in fighting blemishes and hydrating your skin by providing moisture. The formula of PCA Skin Clearskin Phaze 18 is soothing and is extremely efficient in reducing redness. Its hydrating qualities make it one of the best nighttime moisturizers.

11. Burt’s Bees Renewal Firming Night Cream

Burt’s Bees

This best face cream is clinically proven to combat wrinkles and dark lines. It’s smooth and firm texture will improve your skin while you sleep. It is richly hydrating and gives immediate results. Users are of the opinion that one will be able to witness a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines within four weeks of use. It is non-comedogenic and is dermatologist tested. It will make skin firmer and is natural as well.

The products listed above are the best when it comes to night creams. Make sure that you choose a product that will suit your skin type. Welcome a radiant, smooth and healthy complexion with the goodness of these night creams.

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