The 10 Best BB Creams for Oily Skin 2021


Bb creams typically stand for “blemish balm,” however since their introduction, they have made it to the list of must-have cosmetics for every lady out there. They are not only targeted at disguising blemishes, but they act as your best buddy in looking fresh and young through long and tiring days. They act as your hydrating partners, skin guards against bacteria and aggressors and protect against the ultra-violet rays coming from the Sun. Even though most of these creams are mattifying, they are not very ideal for acne-prone or oily skin. If you fall into this category, then you should look for a bb cream for oily skin specifically instead of going ahead and trying any product off the shelf.

To make it easier for you, we have compiled a Top 10 list of all the blemish balms that are perfect for oily skin and do not cause any breakouts. You can check out the list below and evaluate which one suits you the best. Your choice may depend on the brand which is launching the product, or the price of the product, or its importance for your skin type. The wisest choice will be the one that is actually made for your skin type and addresses your skin problems. If you trust a brand already and you think their products best suit your skin type, then you can stay a loyal customer to them. Without further delays, here is our list:

Best BB Cream for Oily Skin – TOP 10

Picking a bb cream for oily skin can get tough because you want to look beautiful and fresh, but you don’t want the cost to be a breakout. Read below and find the one that suits you best.

1. Maybelline Dream Pure Bb

Pure BB

Maybelline already one of the leading brands in the cosmetic industry, creates products targeted to specific skin tones and types. The Pure Bb by the company is an ultimate light-weight product containing 2 percent salicylic acid. It is the best bb cream for acne because salicylic acid is a good acne fighter. The cream is easy to apply and spreads smooth into your skin. You do not feel that you are wearing a mask or any layer of makeup on your skin. You can simply apply it without having to blend in front of a mirror. The cream will dry to a soft matte finish and you won’t feel if it is even there. However, if you don’t have an acne prone skin, you might as well consider other options.

2. RoC Retinol 5 in 1 Perfecting CreamRoC Retinol

A great choice for all the makeup lovers out there. It is a high coverage cream that feels more like a fluffy foundation. The retinol in the formula is a great acne fighter as well as a remedy for treating dark spots and lines. Due to this very component, it is the best bb cream for acne prone skin. The cream has an SPF 25 which makes it a great choice. However, one drawback that users report is that they couldn’t find any diversity in shades. Not having any shade for darker skins can decrease sales of the product.

3. Estée Lauder Clear Difference

Estée Lauder Clear Difference

This oil free bb cream is one of the best out there because of many reasons. The best part is that unlike other bb creams it comes in 3 shades for all skin tones so that the darker skin tones are not missed out. Since our skin needs at least SPF 15 a day, the cream caters to that well because it has an SPF 35. If you have sensitive skin, you can trust the product because it does not contain any artificial fragrance or chemicals. If you apply it under make-up, it will stay longer and be less greasy. You can also wear it alone to have a natural look.

4. Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC Cream

Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing Cc Cream

Having a pearlescent finish and a bright effect, Olay total effects is the best cc cream for oily skin. Unlike other mattifying creams, it contains niacinamide which minimizes pores and rejuvenates your skin. The oil-free formula aids in giving a fresh look to your face and gets rid of the greasy residue.

5. Omorovicza Complexion Perfector

Omorovicza Complexion

The best drugstore bb cream for oily skin so far because it helps you go silicone free and provides many benefits to your skin. The ingredients are great to protect and nourish your skin like vitamin E and C. The ruby powder gives a subtle sheen, and the hydrating elements keep your skin healthy. The product is a bit high priced as compared to others but it is definitely worth buying if you are looking for a perfect formula for oily skin. It has an SPF value of 20 which is another added benefit.

6. Garnier BB CreamGarnier BB Cream

This is a fantastic product by Garnier at an extremely affordable price. What else do you want if you get high coverage, lightweight to wear, oil free and hydrating elements at a very affordable price? This is a perfect choice to keep your skin soft and avoid the greasy feeling. It is rightly named as a miracle because it indeed is a miracle to get such a splendid product for such a nominal price.

7. Dr. Jart Dis-A-PoreDr. Jart+ bb beauty balm

To get a nice matte finish and disguise the pores on your face, this is a great bb cream. It has a good coverage and SPF 30 which makes it the best choice to control excess oils and reduce inflammation. The product contains lavender, jasmine, hibiscus and Peppermint. If you wish to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, then you must try this cream.

8. L’Oréal Paris Anti-Redness

L'Oréal Paris

This is an ingenious product from L’Oréal because of its simplicity and easy application. The cream is originally green, but when you apply it on your face, it turns to a warm yellow shade. The cream is perfect for medium skin tones that get inflammation or redness. Dab on the red areas to disguise the blemishes and have a younger looking skin. The cream is lightweight as your regular moisturizer, so you don’t get that yucky feeling after you apply it.

9. Boscia BB Cream

Boscia BB Cream

With an SPF of 27, this is an excellent bb cream to try for oily skin. The cream only comes in one shade, so it is not a substitute for your foundation but just a few drops will disguise any unwanted pores or flakes on your skin in about 3 seconds

10. 3LAB Perfect BB Cream

3LAB Perfect

If you have skin issues like pimples, blotches or oily areas, then you should try this product. It has an SPF 40 and works wonders to reduce dark spots and age wrinkles. The cream contains shea butter and squalene which keep your skin fresh and hydrated. The best part is that you get a variety of shades for different skin types. If you have red spots on your face, you can apply to the specific area and get a flawless skin.

The list should help you find the best bb cream for oily skin as per your preferences. Most of these creams are easily available in stores near you, or you can simply buy them online.

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