Thalgo eveil a la mer reviving marine mist Review


Refreshing face mists are essential for me during Spring-Summer. Other than keeping me feeling cool, they also provide essential hydration and keep my makeup fresh rather than sweaty. However, not all face mists are created equal and this is even more so for “water” sprays that claim magical benefits. My advice with water face mists is always take their claims with a grain of salt but some do work better for your skin than others. Thalgo eveil à la mer reviving marine mist is one I hadn’t tried previously (You might not know, Thalgo is inspired by the sea and started by a pharmacist ) but the promise of energizing benefits made me grab it when I was suffering hayfever-related heat exhaustion. 

Did it help me and has it shown ongoing benefits to my skin? Read my review to find out. 

Review Packaging of Thalgo’s mist

Thalgo eveil a la mer reviving marine mist
A tall, slim metal can in the signature Thalgo blue holds 150ml
  • A tall, slim metal can in the signature Thalgo blue holds 150ml (5.07 fl.oz.) of product. It’s fitted with a matte silver plastic cap which keeps the aerosol pump safe from accidental pressing. The cap seals firmly to the can so I can throw it in a bag without worrying about it coming off.
  • Being an aerosol means that the can releases a mist continuously as I hold down the pressure tip. I prefer this over pump applicators.
  • The pressure tip releases a medium-density mist that is even in application. It doesn’t feel like raindrops hitting my skin but it’s also dense enough that a 1-2 second spray is all I need to cover my face.

How do I feel about Thalgo eveil a la mer reviving marine mist?

  • The mist did cool my skin as soon as it touched and as a result, it provided some relief to my agitated skin during hayfever and allergy flare-ups.
  • A strong fragrance is instantly noticeable while applying the spray. It’s a fresh/green, floral fragrance which reminds me of the beach but in a classy perfumed way. It smells less like salt and sand, and more like a beachy perfume. The fragrance doesn’t linger long (just a few seconds) but it’s still too strong for me to endure regularly and it put me off the product quite a bit. If you like scented skincare products this could be good for you.
  • It dries quickly once on my skin and doesn’t leave a residue behind. My skin feels slightly softer after using on bare skin but I don’t notice a change in how my skin felt when I applied it on top of makeup.
  • My skin appeared a little more hydrated after use on both bare skin and over makeup. In the case of applying over makeup, it refreshed areas that were looking a little dry or starting to fade.
  • This product isn’t something I would use daily unless my skin was hot or I was uncomfortable from the heat. With the occasional use I had been using it (a couple of times on a hot day, approx 2 days out of the week) I didn’t notice an overall improvement in my skin, nor would I expect to with such minimal use.

What Thalgo says….

For tired, devitalized skin in need of energy.

Thalgo eveil à la mer reviving marine mist bring the sea into your home! This skin-energizing seawater concentrate has been developed to enhance the effectiveness of our skincare creams. Regularly replenished with marine minerals, the skin is better equipped to fight the effects of modern life (stress, pollution, etc.). The complexion becomes fresh and radiant. Ideally prepared, the skin is more resistant to the passage of time.

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