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Moisturizers are a very important part of taking care of your skin. Moisturizers hydrate the skin and that is the key for healthy and beautiful skin. There are all kinds of homemade face moisturizer that you can make for yourself at home. It will not be any less good than the one you would buy. On the contrary, it will be even better!

Homemade face moisturizer will not have any harmful substances and your skin will be smoother than ever. It is especially a good solution if you have a sensitive skin or if sometimes you have a bad reactions to moisturizers from the store. That will not happen with the ones you make by yourself (assuming that you will use a quality products for your homemade face moisturizer).

diy face moisturizer

Btw if this is the first time you are making homemade cosmetics please read this first and then we can get started!

First thing you will need  for this or any other homemade face moisturizer is Lanolin and Petroleum Jelly – you can buy that at the pharmacy or online like we do. Take 1/3 of lanolin and 2/3 of petroleum jelly, or lets say 25 grams of lanolin and 50 grams of petroleum jelly.  Put it in a pan and melt it and stir until it’s merged.  Leave it to cool for a while.

Now you’ve got a basic cream. When you are ready to make a homemade face moisturizer you need to melt the basic cream again and remove it from the heat source. Stir it until it has approximately body like temperature and add the required amount of drops of essential oil and stir it until the oil is well blended with the cream.

The ratio of essential oils is as follows: 

• For facial care 1-3% of essential oil in basic cream

• For body care 2-5% of essential oil in basic cream

*1 milliliter of liquid is approximately 20 drops

For dry skin, use essential oils of jasmine, lavender, geranium, sandalwood and for oily skin use essential oils of bergamot or lemon. Be sure to use essential oils that are 100% natural.

Here are a few recipes for homemade face moisturizer

To create a great moisturizer you will need precision and some experience but If the first couple of homemade face moisturizers does not come out right, don’t get discouraged. It takes a few tries to learn how to do it perfectly.

This moisturizer contains oil component (a vegetable oil, essential oil) and the aqueous component (hydrolat, glycerol), and they are combined with an emulsifier. Moisturizers are generally absorbed into the skin faster than pure vegetable oil, so they are more popular, and the aqueous component contains healing ingredients.

Oily component:

• 12 g marigold macerate

• 5 g Emulsifier

• 5 drops of Rosemary essential oil

Out of vegetable oils we mostly use traditional marigold macerate in olive oil or some other vegetable oil. That is an excellent nourishing oil that will give moisturizer a nice yellowish color.

Aqueous component:

• 30 g Rosemary hydrolate

• 2 g of Vegetable Glycerin

• a pinch of allantoin (optionally)

For the aqueous component we use rosemary verbenone hydrolat instead of water. For the moisturizer to be more moist we add natural herbal glycerol (glycerin). Optionally, you can add a pinch of allantoin, a natural anti-inflammatory substance that stimulates regeneration.

Preparation of homemade face moisturizer:

Take two cups of 250 mL. In one cup put the oily component (vegetable oil and emulsifier without essential oils), and in the other one hydrolat and glycerol. Preferably use digital kitchen scale for weighing.

Take a wide pan and heat the water in it up to 70 ° C. Water shouldn’t boil.

Immerse both pots in the water. Emulsifier will dissolve in the oil while slightly heated. Then you should add essential oil to the oil component and stir. With the other spoon stir the aqueous component so that the glycerol (and allantoin) dissolve in hydrolate. Remove the containers from the water bath.

Very slowly, with stirring, add the aqueous component in the oil component. The moisturizer will not be good if you flow the aqueous component too fast, or if you add an oil component to an aqueous component. Don’t mix with electric mixer, mix with a spoon. This blend will generate pale yellowish moisturizer. Stir until it has cooled a little bit. Pour the moisturizer into the cosmetic box and leave it open for an hour to completely cool.

Since this moisturizer has no preservatives, keep it in the fridge! Shelf life of such moisturizers is a maximum of two months!

homemade face moisturizer
homemade face moisturizer

Hydrating homemade face moisturizer

This is a recipe for about six ounces of natural, soothing face moisturizer, which can be used for hydrating and preventing stains.


• White wax

• Lanolin

• Sweet almond oil

• Rose water

• Essential oil of your choice

Preparation of homemade face moisturizer:

Mix ½ ounces (about 14 g) of white wax with one ounce (about 28,35 g) of lanolin in a glass pan or a double pot. Heat the mixture over low heat until the ingredients are completely melted, for about three to five minutes, with constant stirring.

Slowly add 3 ounces (about 85 g) of sweet almond oil and 1 ounce (about 28.35 g) of rose water to a mixture of wax and lanolin. Stir constantly while adding. Remove the pan from the heat.

Add five to ten drops of essential oil of your choice, if you want. If you decide to add essential oil, select the one that suits your skin type. I would advise you to use a rose or lavender for normal to dry skin, tea tree or peppermint for oily and acne-prone skin, and geranium, rose or nerol for sensitive skin.

Put the moisturizer in a jar and keep it in the fridge if you are not going to use it within 30 days.

homemade face moisturizer
homemade face moisturizer

NOTE: Apply this moisturizer by massaging your skin. Gently pat the area under your eyes with your fingertips and gently massage the lines around them. Massage the forehead from the middle outwards, while applying the cream. Use moisturizer after you have cleansed your face with facial cleanser that you can also make by yourself.

*Avocado oil is a substitute for sweet almond oil in the preparation of moisturizer, it is up to you to choose.  Apply cream once or twice a day, for facial skin to be healthier and more hydrated.

Probably this was too much information for you to absorb in one read and you might think that this sounds complicated but it really isn’t. Maybe for the first few times but after that, it goes really smooth. If you want to learn more about making homemade face moisturizer or making your own beauty products then you will find this electronic book very interesting and useful. Click on the book or check it out here.

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