Best Non Comedogenic Foundations for Your Skin


Non comedogenic foundations are the key to the bright and beautiful skin. Make sure that you choose the best non comedogenic foundations to achieve the skin texture you are looking for. There are several brands of cosmetics but only few conveniently fit in as non comedogenic products. Non comedogenic products are easily absorbed by the skin and they do not clog your pores.

Best Non Comedogenic Foundations Comprehensive Ratings and Comparison Chart

Anyone used to the makeup routines will be pleased to take a look at the following non comedogenic foundations comprehensive chart:

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Maybelline New York Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation

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Bare Minerals BareSkin Pure Serum Foundation

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Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Foundation

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Aveeno Facial Moisturizers Clear Complexion BB Cream

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Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

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The Supernatural Airbrush Canvas Foundation

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Make-Up Forever with Mattifying Foundation

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Lorac Natural Performance Foundation

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Revlon Color Stay Foundation

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Bloom Cosmetics Mineral Plus Foundation

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1. Maybelline New York Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation

Maybelline full coverage foundation is reputed to last for 16 hours after applying it on your skin. I followed this lead after buying my set last week and I can affirm now that the product comes as good as acclaimed.

This product comes affordable in a range of shades that will suit your skin type. Using it on any wrinkled skin will dampen the outline so that you will appear smoother and finer.

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2. Bare Minerals BareSkin Pure Serum Foundation

Pure serum foundation from Bare Minerals provides some excitement as it is ultra-thin. My friend has a knack for this and her skin gets rounded whenever she puts this on with no trace of any oil slick.

The coverage can be regarded as a seamless affair with its finish that feels natural with no obvious tell-tale. It is laid on your skin like it is just another layer of your cells.

Talking to Bertha, she confirmed that only a couple of drops does it for her, giving it a long life span.

3. Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Foundation

Your skin will get a dose of improvement when the Neutrogena is applied. It boasts of pure minerals that make your complexion glow and radiant.

The core components of this foundation are SPF 20 and a range of antioxidants that will reinvigorate your skin. This product is suitable for oily skin types but also fitting for sensitive and normal skin range.

Since this product has not additives, it provides your skin with medium coverage that makes it invisible on your skin.

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4. Aveeno Facial Moisturizers Clear Complexion BB Cream


Aveeno provides a variation of non comedogenic foundation and hypoallergenic products. This makes the products stand out as the best bet for anyone who is acne –prone. Its immediate effect is to conceal skin spots and any reddish evidence of skin blur.

The Aveeno comes across as one of the top-of-the-range options but it is clearly worth the price tag. It can conveniently smooth out your face if you are unable to use a full complement of makeup. It comes with SPF to shield your skin from sunburns in summer.

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5. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

If you have an acne-prone skin, it will be worthwhile to switch over to the Laura Mercier range. The product has a consistency edge and will give you the complete coverage you need.

Applying this pick of non comedogenic foundation brands is easy and gets absorbed by your skin readily. It has tea extracts as components along with silk proteins and the well-reviewed mica. The soothing and healing properties of these ingredients get your skin hydrated.

You can be sure of a smooth skin, a light reflection of the foundation and concealment of wrinkles. The wearing off of this product sets in after 12 hours.

6. The Supernatural Airbrush Canvas Foundation

Blemishes are concealed when you wear this foundation which also gives you SPF coverage. If you desire the best non comedogenic foundation acne prone skin product, then this powder is recommended. It is free of talc and highly pigmented to give you a smooth finish.

This product is also suitable for sensitive. Normal skin types will benefit from this foundation with no side effects.

You can avoid the trouble of changing your facial products with the season by sticking to this Airbrush foundation. It is suitable for all age groups and seasons.

7. Make-Up Forever with Mattifying Foundation

Using the Make-Up Forever range gives you an oil-free and overall coverage that is water-resistant. Apart from its liquid base, it is sure to give you the skin tone that evens out and hides imperfections.

This long-lasting non comedogenic drugstore foundation pick is adjustable as you will desire and a few drops will meet your needs. Reputed as a non comedogenic foundation, it is irritation –free and dependable.

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8. Lorac Natural Performance Foundation

This foundation comes completely free of parabens and fragrance. The range of ingredients will soothe your skin so that you are protected and nourished all –round.

The coverage of this foundation is complete and will last several hours after putting it on your face. The finish is smooth and will give you no cause for concern all-day.

If you have sensitive skin, this product is soothing and is able to keep you hydrated. Normal to sensitive skin types all have the desired coverage they need with this foundation with no scruples.

9. Revlon Color Stay Foundation

The Revlon Color Stay is reputed for its full day essence and this is a big plus. You can bring your personal preferences to bear when using this product and avoid the cake look.

SPF 15 is present in this Revlon product and you can be shielded from the damaging UV rays when summer comes along. This oil-free foundation is designed to hydrate your skin throughout the day so that you will have no need for touch-ups.

You have a number of shades to choose from as you go shopping for this foundation and your pick will be excellent for your skin hue. The right of choice is one that you are offered with the Revlon Color Stay Foundation.

10. Bloom Cosmetics Mineral Plus Foundation

To complete the non comedogenic foundation list, the Bloom range is unforgettable. It provides you with healthy minerals and a full coverage that you will relish. There are several vitamins and antioxidants in this product so that you are nourished and protected.

This liquid foundation is suitable for sensitive skin and will dampen the appearance of fine lines. The capacity to hydrate your skin is also confirmed with this non comedogenic foundation. SPF coverage is guaranteed irrespective of the vagaries of the weather.

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