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Pimples don’t stop making themselves present just because you turn 25. In fact, I believe I’ve had more pimples as an adult than I ever had as a pre-teen or teenager. Stress, diet, hormones and environmental changes are something that have contributed greatly to my recent season of breakouts. I have a pretty solid daily skincare regime but when the occasional breakout rears its ugly head I don’t go changing my entire routine. I break out a spot treatment instead. Simple Skincare’s range expansion now includes blemish fighters. I recently picked up the Simple – Spotless Rapid Action Spot Zapper as I’m a sucker for trying a new release and the roll-on applicator intrigued me. Has it been combatting my pimples? Read the review below to find out!

Review the packaging Simple – Spotless Rapid Action Spot Zapper

Simple – Spotless Rapid Action Spot Zapper
Simple – Spotless Rapid Action Spot Zapper
  • This pimple spot treatment is packaged in a plastic tube and fitted with a stainless steel rollerball applicator. It’s similar to how many eye creams and eye serums are packaged but it’s a unique form of packaging for pimple cream. I personally quite like this applicator, but I can see downsides to it as well. On the PRO side, I think the cool sensation of the metal rollerball feels nice and it doesn’t risk cross-contamination from any germs on your hands. On the CON side, it does make it a little difficult to tell if you have applied a sufficient amount. Furthermore, having the rollerball roll back into the formula after having contact with your skin could cause contamination and reduce the efficacy.
  • The tube itself is easy to squeeze and the product flows easily. At 15ml this is on average a standard size for spot treatments.

Simple – Spotless Rapid Action Spot Zapper | Quick Review

  • The transparent serum-like formula is very thin. It melts into the skin quickly and has caused no issues when worn with other skincare or makeup.
  • The product claims to “zap spots in 4hrs”. I can’t confirm or deny that but for me, the product has worked very quickly. If applied while the pimple is just forming, or a blind pimple, it will reduce the redness within a couple of hours and if I apply a couple more times before bed the pimple will be roughly a quarter of the size that it was at first application.
  • It’s drying to the skin so it’s important to apply to the pimple only and avoid contact with any other parts of the skin, especially if you have dry skin. On the areas of my skin where I applied the product with little control, I formed extra dry, flaky patches around the pimple.
  • There isn’t a noticeable fragrance when applying the product. If you sniff the tube directly there is a faint antiseptic-like scent.

What Simple say ….

Simple Spotless Rapid Action Spot Zapper is a roll-on blemish treatment that features an oil-free formula to maintain hydration levels and reduce oiliness in the t-zone. The zapper has been formulated for delicate teen skin, free from artificial perfumes and colours. Each product in the range has been designed for use on all skin types.



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