Estée Lauder – Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick | Review, Swatches

Estée Lauder – Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick
Estée Lauder – Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick - Pink Ambition

One of the brands known for making great lipstick has to be Estée Lauder. They have released two lipstick collections to extend their growing Pure Color category. The addition of Estée Lauder – Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick and Pure Color Crystal Lipstick sees a total of 4 new finishes introduced to their range. This means more options for us picky ladies!

Lipstick is a beauty product I have only really started to appreciate. It has been a long time coming, but with such dehydrated lips, it was never a product I could embrace. Since I discovered The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ I can give lipsticks a good go. Sure, not all formulas work for me, but I am having a great time testing them.

Today I am focusing on the Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick from Estée Lauder which comes in two finishes:

Satin Creme

Color true pigment polymers provide a soft, shiny finish

Lustrous Shimmer

Brilliant pigments provide a multi-faceted effect on the lips

About Estée Lauder – Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick

In my opinion and only based on the two colors I have to compare, I think the finishes are very similar. The Satin Creme looks silky and shiny but in some light, it still looks like there is an itty bitty amount of micro-shimmer. The Lustrous Shimmer finish is also silky but in my eyes, the shine is coming from the shimmer and not the color itself. I think the best way to tell the difference would be to get one of each in nearly the exact same color. This would be difficult because the website doesn’t say which color has which finish.

There are 21 brand new shades in the range, but I highly recommend you head into your nearest stockist and have a look at these in person. I find the swatches on the official Estée Lauder website are nothing like the colors in real life.

Now that the finishes out of the way, let’s look at the colors I have to show you. All photos are taken in natural light. However, I was clearly having a bad day because I seemed to go outside the lines a tad. Apologies for my ‘ specialness.

Estée Lauder – Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick


This yummy candy pink is subtle but provides a great pop of color to someone with a dull skin tone like mine. It is highly pigmented which I find rare in lighter pink tones and the ‘shimmer’ factor is minimal but I still wouldn’t recommend this color to a mature-aged woman unless she has the skin of a 20 yr old.


I really wish this color was around for our summer just gone. It is a beautiful soft bronze color with slightly peach undertones. It is definitely not brown like most ‘bronze’ shades so it is versatile to more skin tones, in my opinion. The shimmer is a little more obvious than the Satin Creme finish but in this color, it just accentuates the beautiful color.

Estée Lauder - Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick
Estée Lauder – Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick – SIZZLING BRONZE

What I think about Estée Lauder – Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick

  • I found both lipsticks applied easily and didn’t pull across the lip, resulting in more flakes.
  • The color lasted quite well but for me, I could only test it up to 4 hours because I am a pig and had to eat something by then. Unfortunately it didn’t stay on once I stuffed my face.
  • I think the packaging of the Pure Color lipsticks is way better looking than the Double Wear lipsticks. These Pure Color ones are square-shaped with a gold reflective lid and a clear base, displaying the color with a suspended pot in the middle.
  • The lid seals really well on these. There is no way that baby will come off during daily handbag roughhousing.

What Estée Lauder Says ….

Estée Lauder and Creative Makeup Director Tom Pecheux introduce the new Pure Color Lipstick, uniting fashion and technology with two new luxurious formulas that set the stage for modern lip looks. Decorate and define your lips with the new formulas of Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick and Pure Color Crystal Lipstick to create a fresh, bold statement that reignites your passion for lipstick. The high-performance formulas are fused with an expansive palette of hues that promise a lip look for any desired occasion from a subtle whisper of color to a vivacious, siren red. These lipsticks are expertly crafted and specially formulated to maintain the highest quality of color performance, shine, and wear… the new Pure Color Lipstick.


  • Exclusive True VisionTM Technology incorporates intense, highly pigmented shades for a saturated, color-rich application
  • Concentrated pigments are wrapped into a crystalline laminate polymer for a multi-dimensional look that is magnified and rich in color
  • Lips are drenched in moisture by Apricot Kernel, Shea Butter and Vitamins C and E


  • The classic Estée Lauder golden-mirrored packaging is accented with a crisp, transparent cube that offers a preview of the enticing lipstick shade
  • The jeweled-like lipstick case reinforces the classic, modern beauty behind Pure Color

Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick: 21 INTENSELY PIGMENTED SHADES

  • Classic favorites are updated with a broad spectrum of exciting new colors, from muted neutrals to lively, vibrant shades
  • Dynamic long-lasting wear for a powerful, fade-proof lip that lasts the day
  • Medium to full indulgently buildable coverage

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