Review Avalon Organics Vitamin C Serum- The Perfect Anti-Aging Solution?

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Avalon organics vitamin C serum has the ability to improve skin tone and texture, by increasing circulation. It also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin leading to firmer, younger looking skin. One of the biggest concerns for many of us when it comes to skin care is the browns spots caused by sun damage. Avalon Organics’ Intense Defense with Vitamin C Facial Serum will be the perfect solution to diminish and fight dark spots and other signs of aging.

This vitamin C serum is lightweight and will not make your skin greasy. Its packaging is opaque, and it has a pump style dispenser as well. This way the beneficial ingredients of this topical vitamin c serum are protected from light and air. Glycerin, sunflower seed oil, cocoa butter and squalene present in the product can be of great help in moisturizing your skin. It will make your skin feel more hydrated, especially if you have dry skin. Some of these ingredients possess antioxidant properties as well, helping Avalon Organics Vitamin C reviews standout among vitamin c serum reviews.

Avalon Organics

Review Avalon organics Vitamin C Serum Benefits

The biggest advantage of this serum with vitamin C benefits is the intense defense it offers. It can combat environmental aggressors such as pollution and UV rays to combat free radicals on the skin that might cause premature signs of visible aging. Antioxidants can fight these damaging free radicals. It balances vitamin C, lemon bioflavonoids, and white tea to support the skin’s renewal cycle and will defend the skin. Another advantage of Avalon organics vitamin C serum is the fact that a majority of its ingredients are organic and natural. It does not contain any preservatives as well.

Another important positive about this best vitamin c serum is its formulation. It is free of chemicals, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, and GMOs. The product with benefits of vitamin C also gets absorbed quickly. When it comes to the scent. It has a mild citrus scent that does not last long. All these features help the product stand out.

Well, Avalon Organics Vitamin C has some cons as well. This Avalon Organics Vitamin C renewal serum will not be of great help in combating skin discoloration and other signs of aging. The citrus oil which is present in this product can cause irritation as well. It will also increase your sensitivity to the sun. This product can make you more photosensitive, so wear a quality sunblock after using it.

How to apply avalon organics vitamin c serum?

  • Apply twice a day to the problem areas.
  • Use this product before moisturizing and after cleansing.
  • This way, the trouble spots will receive an infusion of powerful antioxidants and vitamin C for skin.
Avalon Organics Intense Defense with Vitamin C Facial Serum
Avalon Organics Intense Defense with Vitamin C Facial Serum

Conclusion about it

Avalon Vitamin C serum is packed with all the vitamin C serum benefits. It possesses organic ingredients with antioxidant properties making it the best vitamin C serum for face.

This product replaces Avalon Organics Vitamin C Vitality facial serum which was a fan favorite among vitamin C serums. But, it is important to notice that the intensive antioxidant formula of the serum remains unchanged. The product is a class apart as it can target wrinkles, fine lines, and sunspots by keeping the skin energized. It also stimulates elastin and collagen production in the skin. This way, the result will be an even, smooth and lifted complexion.

The cons of this product are limited when compared to the pros of this product. The notable disadvantages are its diminished effectiveness against skin discoloration and the presence of citrus oils which can irritate your skin if exposed to the sun. In short, if you want the best vitamin C serum that is free of harsh sulfates, GMOs, parabens, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, phthalates and animal testing, Avalon is the best choice for you.

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