Philosophy Serum – When Hope Is Not Enough | Review Firming Serum

Philosophy Serum - When Hope Is Not Enough
Philosophy Serum - When Hope Is Not Enough

Philosophy Serum When Hope Is Not Enough forms part of the “Hope” line, which is one of the many skincare ranges in Philosophy’s collection.

You may know Philosophy for their yummy shower gels, cute product names and inspirational messages, but don’t confuse them for a company that has token skincare products with no results. Behind the beautiful messaging of the products sits hard-working skincare goods. If you are looking to try a new skincare brand or range, I always think a serum is a good place to start. A serum is usually the most hard-working product in a line so if you find a serum that works for you chances are the other products won’t be too bad either.

My review today is of the Facial Firming Serum. Read on to see what this product did and didn’t do for me.

Philosophy Serum – When Hope Is Not Enough First Impression

  • Packaged in a small eye-dropper bottle the product is kept contained without the risk of a spill. It is easy to dispense the recommended dose, which according to the packaging is 5-6 drops morning and night. I find that is enough product to sufficiently apply to my face, neck and the very top of my chest.
  • There is a slight scent to this serum, but mild and it dissipates quickly once applied to the skin. I feel it is a citrus fragrance but a kind of medicinal rather than a sweet candy scent.
Philosophy Serum - When Hope Is Not Enough
Philosophy Serum – When Hope Is Not Enough

My Review Philosophy Serum – When Hope Is Not Enough

  • In the morning you can use it as a base to add in their Turbo Booster C Powder which adds in a potent dose of Vitamin C. This is a great way to turn one serum into a double-duty worker.
  • I have noticed over the past year the skin on my neck has been thinning (damn you, old age!) but since using this serum the skin has been feeling a little tighter and not as delicate. It hasn’t specifically removed any lines on my neck but the texture definitely feels different.
  • While I don’t have lots of wrinkles to really judge how well this product works on those looking to minimize fine lines, I can say this has helped keep my skin feeling firm and plump. It has also helped my skin to bounce back quicker from memory lines, such as when I laugh or smile for an extended period of time. These are the very beginning stages of wrinkles and a time I must be vigilant in warding them off.
  • Depending on how thirsty my skin is when applying, absorption of the product can take as little as 2 seconds to 1 minute for me.
  • At no time during testing did this product irritate my skin, cause dry patches (which I am generally prone to), or result in breakouts.

What Philosophy say ….

our lightweight, oil-free antioxidant and peptide serum helps reduce the first signs of aging and protects skin against the future signs of aging.

Features & benefits

  • revitalizes a dull complexion
  • helps reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • hydrates and helps brighten skin


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