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Fillerina Dermo-cosmetic filler treatment

I have been dying to share this Fillerina Dermo-cosmetic filler treatment with you for so many reasons. I’m so excited to reveal to you my thoughts and my before and after photos that I could burst. But why is this review so important? Put simply, it could save you from making a big mistake!

Hyaluronic Acid fillers for anti-wrinkle and volumizing injections are now trending so much that even girls as young as 16 years old are undergoing regular treatments. I’m a vocal advocate for cosmetic enhancement and surgery but I can’t stress enough that those measures really should only be sought as the last of a series of other options. The problem with injectables is that you have to maintain them because once you stop you end up looking worse than when you started – aging doesn’t stop, it’s just not as visible when you run interference.

In my opinion, the longer you can go without using an injectable the better it is for your aging appearance overall. Treat your canvas well and you won’t need to fork out a few hundred dollars each month. My Fillerina review explains how this topically-applied volumising gel could be what you need to avoid the needle. 

Things you should know about Fillerina Dermo-cosmetic filler treatment

Fillerina Dermo-Cosmetic Plumping Gel is a topical (non-penetrative) 14-day treatment targeting fine lines, wrinkles and plumping of the face. I am using Grade 2, the middle-range of the 3 different grades offered for various levels of aging. Scroll down after my review for more information provided directly by the brand.

  • The treatment comes in three grades designed to target different levels of aging. When selecting which grade to use I referred to the options given by Fillerina – Initial appearance of skin relaxation and sagging select Grade 1. The slight appearance of skin relaxation and sagging select Grade 2 and visible skin relaxation and sagging select Grade 3. I chose Grade 2 because I felt there is more than a slight appearance in some areas of my face but I probably realistically sit somewhere between Grade 1 and Grade 2. I recommend selecting the grade that represents the majority of your face. All Fillerina products (there are creams and a lip pen as well) come in a choice of 3 grades.
  • Pricing for the kit varies between the grades. Grade 3 is the most expensive as it contains a higher concentration of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) than Grade 2, and Grade 2 is more than Grade 1 for the same reason. The additional cost isn’t because of a higher quality or “strength” of ingredients so using a Grade higher than the one suited for your skin will render the additional HA (and the additional cost) wasted. Visa versa, using a lower Grade will produce lesser results because your skin has not absorbed a sufficient level of HA to generate fill and volume.
  • The Fillerina treatment kit comes packaged in a sturdy white cardboard box that opens to reveal two vials and two plastic syringes, along with two plastic caps for sealing the vials between use. The instruction pamphlet is quite detailed and provides information different from what I’ve found online.

Fillerina Dermo-cosmetic filler treatment

Fillerina 14-day Treatment kit contents

  • The syringes have a truncated, angled tip. Retrieving the product from the vials is very simple – you remove the metal and rubber cap that is attached to your product and place the syringe straight into the formula. A slow and steady drawing up of the syringe allows the product to fill without air bubbles. Towards the end of the vials it did become a little more difficult to draw up without getting air bubbles as the fluid isn’t like water – the thicker substance requires patience.
  • Fillerina dermo-cosmetic filler treatment is applied in the morning or evening. One of the most important instructions listed is that they recommend drinking 2 glasses (500mL) of water BEFORE application. This is because Hyaluronic Acid is hydrophilic (in laymans terms, attracted and bonds to water) so the extra hydration in the skin allows easier activation of Fillerina. Drinking the extra water was difficult for me because I struggle with my liquid intake and I really dislike the blandness of water. However, I noticed a massive difference between the days I did not follow the recommendation and the days that I did. My skin appeared to have triple the response on those days I sufficiently hydrated before application.
Fillerina’s application syringes
  • Each vial contains 30mL (1oz) of product and each syringe holds 1mL of product. Instructions state to use 2 mL of each product, each day. I reserved one syringe specifically for each vial but you could use both for each vial providing you rinse them out before switching to avoid cross-contamination.

Fillerina Dermo-cosmetic filler treatment – How to use it?

  • Phase 1 vial is the plumping gel. Using the provided syringe I drew up 1mL and would apply it to any fine lines or wrinkles I found, starting at my forehead and working my way down to my neck. Some days I found it more difficult to locate the lines so I followed the placement guide illustrated below.
Fillerina placement guide
  • It took a few applications before I got the hang of just how much product to squeeze out and how fast to move in order to get the perfect dose in each spot. The video makes it look much easier than I found it to be, at first, but by the end of my 14 days, I was able to do it without even looking. Being a perfectionist made me a little nervous about getting exactly the right amount in every spot. Apply too much and it won’t all seep in (and I need to remove the pilling that occurs) but use too little and I don’t achieve the most effective plumping possible.
  • After applying Phase 1 I have to let it sink in for 10 minutes and restrict facial movements. In the mornings I found it so difficult to do nothing for 10 minutes. I never realized I made so many facial expressions just moving around my house and doing basic things. In the evening it was much easier, I’d just go watch TV or lie down and do some breathing. For me, I think nighttime is far easier.
  • In the first few days, Phase 1 would seep in very quickly and by the time the 10 minutes were up there was barely any visible traces left. After that, as the hydration in my skin was improving, it took longer for the product to sink in and in some areas, I would have to follow the instruction of spreading any remaining gel over my face before moving to Phase 2. It was during these times I considered that I may have actually required Grade 1 but again, the majority of my face did appear to need Grade 2.
  • The problem I found with having a little bit of excess unabsorbed product was that it would ball/pill. This is clearly stated in the instructions and is a completely normal part of the treatment but it reminds me of using silicone primers as the concept is the same – if there is too much on the skin it will pill. Even though this is in a way a good sign because it meant my skin’s hydration had improved, for me it came down to the fact that I don’t like feeling that anything is going to waste.
  • I found it difficult to use the entirety of my Phase 1 2ml each day. The instructions mention this can happen but they say to use at least 1.5mL. The previously mentioned problem of pilling is where this caused the dosage to be difficult for me. Using less product on the skin that wasn’t absorbing the product as well anymore would be one solution to avoid it balling up on my skin. That means I had to apply more products elsewhere and that didn’t really work out. I started trying to move it to my neck and decolletage but by the end of the 14 days, there were only a couple of spots that were still absorbing it completely. The majority of the product felt like it was being wasted.
  • Where the product is absorbed completely there would be a noticeable shiny stripe left behind on the skin, kind of like a snail trail. This was easily removed with my fingertips, along with any pilling. Occasionally I wouldn’t get it all off and I would have some white bits left behind on my skin that I would find when applying my makeup. If this were a product of infinite application it would annoy me that I would have to be so strict with checking for any remaining product, but as it’s just a 14-day treatment it didn’t bother me that much. At worst it was just a few extra seconds of checking it was all off my skin before beginning my makeup application.
  • If I do this treatment again, I will order a Grade 1 and a Grade 2 kit so that as the treatment goes on I can move my use of Phase 1 to Grade 1 and avoid the product not feeling wasted.

How do I feel after using | Fillerina Dermo-cosmetic filler treatment?

  • Phase 1 “Fillerina dermo-cosmetic filler treatment” didn’t leave my skin feeling tight, which can occur sometimes with HA serums. The only sensation I felt was when I applied it to my lips – if I had any cracked or ‘open’ cuts on my lip it did sting a little for a couple of seconds.
  • Phase 2 is kind of like a nourishing top coat. It’s thicker in consistency than Phase 1 but you still need to use 2mL. Placement of this product is non-specific so it was much easier to just divide the dose into 4 target areas – forehead, each cheek and neck/chin.
  • The second phase of “Fillerina dermo-cosmetic filler treatment” is applied immediately after completion of Phase 1 and you can apply makeup on top. It feels a lot like a silicone-based primer but more nourishing (and no pilling from this one) so it worked really well under my makeup. I didn’t need to use a primer while I was using the Fillerina treatment.
  • It’s after Phase 2 that you can apply additional products, like the Fillerina Day and Night creams, if you feel you need extra hydration. Even though my skin is dry, I found I never needed more product than what was provided. If anything I needed less!


Fillerina treatment, day cream, night cream and lip & eye cream

  • This treatment didn’t cause any breakouts for me. I was shocked by this because my skin has been really temperamental lately due to dehydration (yes, dehydration can cause breakouts!) and hormones. This surprised me, especially because Phase 2 is richer than what I would normally use and I thought it would be too much for my skin. I applied only a small amount of Phase 2 on my nose and chin because these are my breakout problem areas and I was being cautious. During the 14-day of Fillerina dermo-cosmetic filler treatment, I only had one batch of hormonal breakouts on my chin, which had nothing to do with Fillerina.
  • Fillerina is purely about hydration and plumping, so it was to be expected that this product didn’t treat or lessen other aging concerns such as pigmentation. Most of the time my skin did appear to be clearer and my pores smaller likely due to the increased hydration. However, pigmentation became more evident to me as I was not using my normal pigmentation-treating products with Vitamin C and other potent ingredients. Of course, this won’t be the same for you and you can use whichever products you normally apply but as this is a product review I have strict protocol about cross-contamination. I will only try ONE new skincare product or treatment at a time so that I can see the results unbiased and unaffected by any other products (learn more about my review policy).
  • Overall my skin didn’t feel necessarily softer at the end of the treatment, but the texture did appear improved. I’m lucky to have soft skin naturally so I’m not sure the treatment could have improved that anyway.
  • The areas I feel I saw the most visible improvement in skin texture was my forehead and cheeks. For improvement of wrinkle depth I felt my neck and nasolabial folds (smile lines) and under eye area. In volume and plumpness I felt my lip area and lips had significant improvement. I loved the effect on my lips so much that I’d definitely buy the Fillerina Lip Plump Pen.

Fillerina before and after treatment

  • The most tedious part of this treatment is rinsing out the syringes after use. It’s recommended we do so to avoid product build-up but I’m a little OCD about these things so I insisted on cleaning them as best as I could each time. Rinsing out Phase 2 was more difficult because of its density. It would add an additional couple of minutes to the routine.
  • Phase 1 has no noticeable fragrance. Phase 2 has a strong scent – a powdery floral that would linger for at least 2 hours.
  • Fillerina dermo-cosmetic filler treatment program is a little fiddly and not an overnight solution. But it’s by far a much more affordable and pleasant treatment than injections, and leaps and bounds more effective and quicker than any other topical anti-aging treatment I’ve tried.
  • Results of the Fillerina 14-day treatment is said to last up to 3 months. Results can also be maintained or prolonged with the use of the Fillerina Day and Night creams. I have now begun trialing these so when I review them I will be able to comment on how well it’s maintained my results.

Fillerina before and after treatment

What Fillerina says ….

Fillerina is an alternative to the hyaluronic acid filling treatments used in cosmetic medicine. The aim of Fillerina® is to provide large quantities of hyaluronic acid, that by binding water, nourishes the most visible, deepest and most widespread depressions (respectively, sagging and wrinkles) and boosts the appearance of cheekbones and lips.

As skin ages, the amount of hyaluronic acid gradually declines, causing imperfections such as aging wrinkles, expression lines and deflation and skin depressions. The skin on the cheekbones, cheeks and lips is especially affected.

Fillerina® features a mix of six different hyaluronic acid molecules of varying molecular weights and sizes which allow the skin to be nourished and tightened via moisturisation. Grade 1 has higher quantities of the larger molecules to hydrate and plump, Grade 2 had a perfect blend of all 6 different sizes, when Grade 3 has a larger concentration of smaller molecules, which travel to the deepest layers for filling of deeper wrinkles.

The product is used at home, and is applied to the surface of the skin. For external use only, and is non-penetrating.


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