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If you are looking to get rid of hair you should take a look at No No Pro hair removal creams. Find out more from No No device hair removal reviews.

What woman doesn’t love having beautiful and luscious legs without going through painful plucking and short-term shaving? And what man doesn’t want to have a smooth face without having to shave every few days? Most people use the razor simply because they are scared of the pain that waxing will lead to; however, there’s also the fact that you will most likely have to repeat the shaving process after two days. On the other hand, while waxing may last a couple of weeks, there’s also the pain issue. In those moments, you feel you might even sell your soul to the devil for a pain-free waxing.

Well, here’s the good news: you can still keep your soul while having long-lasting luscious legs. The No No Hair Removal is here to make you a pain-free deal.

What is the No No Hair Removal System?

Brought into the world by Radiancy Inc. in the year 2004, the No No Hair removing system was created as an alternative to plucking and shaving – a pleasant alternative, to top things.​

This device will allow men and women to remove their unwanted hair from virtually every part of your body, without having to go through any kind of excruciating pain. It’s very convenient and really easy to use, which is why it pretty much hit the top of the market.

The company also produces skin-care products, since the aim is to make you look and feel beautiful – and also fresh. According to many No No Hair Removal reviews, this one is the acquisition of a lifetime.

There are several other versions of the No No Hair removal system. Everything started with the Classic, an experimental device (at the time) that only had one treatment level. The next one was No! No! Plus, with new colors and two more treatment levels.

Next is a version that people who are constantly on the road will definitely love. The No No Micro was made as a rechargeable version that is compact enough to be kept in a purse. Last but not least is the No No Hair Pro, the newest – and obviously the most expensive version. It has five treatment levels, more energy and promises to remove hair much faster than any other model of the series.

The Theory Behind The Device

So, what really happens when you use this small gadget? Well, this is a short story of the long version: electrical pulses will go through the thin wires and shock the hair shafts. These shocks will go further down the follicle (burning smell is pretty normal at this point, so don’t worry if you catch the scent), thinning it. Over time, these follicles will be destroyed, resulting in a more decreased amount of hair. You may, however, want to use a buffer after the treatment to achieve that desirable smooth look.Unlike most pain-free devices that use intense pulsed light to get rid of the hair, this one employs a unique system of thermodynamics also called “thermicon technology.” In simple words, it works by loosening the hair from the follicle using heat pulses, allowing it to be removed in a pain-free manner. It is a product that is claimed to work on any body part; however, according to No No Hair Removal reviews, it is advised that you do not use it on or near your genitals.​

How To Use No No Pro Hair Removal?

We know No! No! Works in removing unwanted hair using heat, but how does the average person actually use it to get the desired result. Well, it’s actually pretty simple.

When you purchase the No! No! Hair Removal system, you will notice that it comes with two thermicon tips which will be attached to the device. Here is how you use each tip:

  • The Narrow Tip – This is perfect for sensitive areas, such as your face, your underarms or your bikini line. Many No No Hair Removal reviews will argue that this is not for your private area – which is only partly true. You should actually avoid using it in that area. On the other hand, the bikini line is more leg and less private, making it perfectly safe to use.
  • The Large Tip – This one is perfect for large areas where your hair grows thicker, such as your arms and legs.

It is advised that before you use this device for the first time, you charge it for about 5 hours. Once it’s done, turn on your No! No! on the lowest treatment level, working your way up to the third level. You will pretty much use it like a classic hair removal system that plucks your hair… only that you won’t have to deal with the plucking. Glide it with the LCD screen towards you slowly, so that the heat can work on your follicles.​

No! No! Hair wants you to do the job as neatly as possible, which is why you’ll have lights to guide you. If the lights are blue, then your speed is just right. On the other hand, if the light turns red, you may want to switch it off and start over – because you were going too fast! Slow down and remember: becoming the Flash will not help you remove your hair. Every No No Hair Removal review will attest to that.You ought to move the device in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Once you are done with the treatment, use a buffer in order to get rid of the crystallized hair.

Does No No Pro Hair Removal Work?

We know how No No hair removal works to get you rid of the hair on the long run, as painless as possible. However, keep in mind that you will not notice drastic changes upon the first use; you will only see your hair thinning once you use it faithfully for a couple of months.

There were several No No Hair Removal complaints saying they noticed little to no change after using the product; however, remember that its purpose isn’t to instantly remove the hair. It is to thin it over time, only leaving you with some barely visible stubbles that will be pain-free to remove with traditional methods.

Other users also complained that they did not enjoy the smell of burning; still, you may want to try looking at it logically. You use heat to get rid of the hair. Heat burns – and obviously, all burning things will smell a bit at some point. It’s like expecting to get into the water without getting wet. You may, however, want to proceed with caution when using it, and not linger too much on a certain spot. Also, keep in mind that you will not get any positive results unless you’re very dedicated.

The best No No Hair Removal system reviews came from users who spent 30 minutes thrice each week using this product for more than a year. It is crucial that you follow the instructions when using it; otherwise, you will not get the results that you want.

So yes, the No! No! Hair removal does work – but only if you are patient enough and want to get rid of hair for good, without having to go through endless waxing sessions. If you want the results to be instant, then you may want to look elsewhere, because this one is not for you. Good results only come to those who wait.

Where Can One Buy The No! No! Hair Remover?

Every Radiancy product can be easily purchased directly from their website. Depending on the version of the product that you choose, the No No hair removal price will go somewhere between $$ and $$$. The Pro version will obviously be the pricier one while Micro will be the least expensive one.

You can also buy the No No Hair removal from Amazon at a lower price. Just Google “No No Hair Removal Amazon” and you will see many good offers at a discount. You may even find the Pro version for as little as $$; you just need to know where to look for it. Compare prices and see which version comes as more advantageous for you.

Final Thoughts

Those who use the No No Hair removal system need to be aware that the product is an investment as well as a commitment. If you want quick at-home results, then the No! No! may not be the best option for you. On the other hand, as far as every No No Hair review is concerned, it will most likely work if you are dedicated enough. It will definitely save you a lot of money compared to laser treatments or professional wax jobs.

Still, do not expect results during the first six months. Depending on how thick your hair is, you might not notice any dramatic results after half a year. Great results will come to those who are patient, and the No! No! Hair will definitely prove to be worth your time and money if you are committed enough.​

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