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Just because the weather has warmed up doesn’t mean I can afford to stop using hand cream. Keeping my nails healthy and my hands soft is easy if I stick to regular hand cream. But in the warmer months, I look for something light that hydrates quickly without any residue left behind. The new product Essano Rosehip nourishing hand creme uses their key ingredient, certified organic rosehip, as the miracle cure along with shea butter and jojoba oil. Will it be right a summer essential? My review tells the story. 

First impression with Essano rosehip nourishing hand creme

Essano rosehip nourishing hand creme
Essano Rosehip nourishing hand creme
  • Packaged in a dusty pink, soft plastic tube it holds 120ml / 4.0578 oz of product. The bold packaging reflects the rest of the Rosehip by Essano line and stands out on the shelves. The colour isn’t my cup of tea but if you like girly-looking packaging this ticks the box.
  • The tube is fitted with a black cap that acts as the base, and clicks closed but pops open without much effort. I threw it in my bag a few times and occasionally I would find it with the lid flap open but luckily no product was ever squeezed out while in my bag. Phew!
  • A little squeeze of the tube delivers a medium-thickness white cream. It’s not hard or too dense that squeezing requires effort, but it’s not runny like a lotion either.

Essano Rosehip hand creme – Things you need to know

  • As soon as I start to rub my hands together the fragrance of the product is released. It has a really strong rose scent which I don’t love but it doesn’t linger very long. I seem to forget about it after a couple of minutes. The fragrances used in Essano products are certified organic so at least I know there aren’t any additional irritants.
  • I don’t know if it is just me but when I start to rub in the hand cream it almost feels like it gets slightly thicker than when it came out of the tube. It’s noticeably denser and takes a bit of massage to get it evenly over my hands. For this reason, I find using it at night was fine but during the day I got too impatient to rub it in properly.
  • After use, my hands do feel much smoother but it’s like they have a coating on them. I knew long before looking at the actual ingredients that the product contained lanolin because of the way my hands felt. It’s a soft, waxy feeling and I always think I’m going to leave oil stains on things I touch but never do. I personally dislike this feeling during the day but at night I don’t mind because I’m asleep and obviously don’t touch things to notice it.

Things you also need to know about Essano rosehip nourishing hand creme…

  • With continued use, my hands did feel softer and stay hydrated. It didn’t appear to have any effect on my nails, and it doesn’t claim to, but in my experience hand creams do generally impact the health of nails as well so I’m not sure what to put that down too.
  • I love that all Rosehip by Essano products contains no parabens, harsh chemicals, sulphates, phthalates or petrochemicals. On the downside, many of their products are labeled vegan when in fact they aren’t, including this one! This hand cream has its own vegan logo but it contains lanolin, which comes from sheep and Cera Alba (beeswax) which the company states is actually synthetic beeswax that’s been mislabelled. At best I would say this product is vegetarian.

What Essano says about Essano rosehip nourishing hand creme

Only the ‘essence of nature’ feeds your hands the nourishment they need to overcome the drying effects of daily life, for younger-looking, beautifully supple hands. Certified Organic Rosehip Oil works with active natural botanical ingredients; Shea Butter and Jojoba to intensively hydrate and lock in moisture.

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