Goldwell Fade Stop Shampoo & Conditioner | Review

Goldwell Fade Stop Shampoo & Conditioner
Goldwell Fade Stop Shampoo & Conditioner

Maintaining my shiny new fuchsia hair has allowed me to put some hair care products to the test. There are so many color-maintenance hair products on the market but when you are talking about a color as bold as mine you need something that pulls out all stops. Goldwell Dualsenses Color Fade Stop Shampoo & Conditioner range boasts the ability to do just that, but does it live up to the promises?

I chose the Fade Stop Shampoo and Detangling Conditioner for this review as it’s marked for fine to normal hair. The Dualsenses Color range does come in an Extra Rich version for those requiring extra care. My review tells you how well this duo performed to maintain my color as well as the condition and quality of my hair. 

First impression Goldwell Fade Stop Shampoo & Conditioner

  • I’m instantly drawn to the packaging because of the metallic fuchsia labeling. I figured it was a perfect fit for my hair color. The shampoo is up-right and the conditioner is inverted. So even though it’s easy to identify which is which in the shower I’m still let down by the conditioner bottle. (pet peeve: I don’t like the opening of a bottle resting on a surface).
  • Both products have the same delicious fragrance. The official description is pomegranate. But I definitely smell a mix of red berries in there. Either way, I love it and it makes me feel like I’m applying an expensive french dessert to my hair.

My Review Goldwell Fade Stop Shampoo & Conditioner

  • The Goldwell shampoo is a pink-tinted liquid with an opalescent sheen. It creates a rich lather without much effort and rinses out just as easily. It leaves the scalp feeling spotless but refrains from that squeakiness of being dried out.
  • The Goldwell conditioner appears the same as the shampoo but with a slightly thicker consistency. I could tell from the moment I squeezed it out that it wouldn’t be rich enough for my hair. Due to the pre-bleaching, I had done to my hair, my hair was in need of more intensive treatment with each wash. This conditioner would have likely been suitable for my hair prior to bleaching. It did detangle my hair somewhat but not enough to get through the knots on my ends.
Goldwell Fade Stop Shampoo & Conditioner
Goldwell Fade Stop Shampoo & Conditioner
  • The wash-out of color from my dye was quite a lot, so even with a fade-stopping shampoo it was inevitable I would lose a fair amount of color. However, the fade that did occur gradually was much more even and I do believe this shampoo had to do with it. After the first couple of washes, I noticed there was no more color coming out of my hair. That means the shampoo worked to stop further washout. The only real enemy from there was the sun, but even then the fade that did occur was very slow.
  • The duo did leave my hair shinier than usual and this was vital for the hair color I had chosen. Of course, it couldn’t keep it at the same level of shine as my hair had immediately after death but it didn’t return to a dull mattress either.
  • I believe the best results for my hair would occur if I used the Fade Stop Shampoo with the Extra Rich Detangling Conditioner.

What Goldwell say about Priori Advanced AHA Gentle Facial Cleanser….

Dualsenses Color Fade Stop Shampoo is a color maintaining shampoo that gently cleanses without weighing down the hair. It provides visibly more color brilliance and hair that’s light to the touch. Containing a NEW and innovative Fade Stop Formula which protects the hair surface and strengthens the anchoring of the color molecules. This formula actively locks these molecules in the hair and effectively reduces color fading. It is enriched with a gloss enhancer, Pomegranate Extract, which intensifies color and provides a UV filter. Keep your hair balanced and glossy without weighing the hair down.

Dualsenses Color Detangling Conditioner cares for colored hair and provides combability on a daily basis without weighing the hair down. Contains a NEW and innovative Fade Stop Formula to provide results you can see and feel immediately. It instantly detangles the hair and is enriched with color protective Pomegranate Extract which promotes balance, gloss and color brilliance without added weight.

Fragranced with the fresh essence of the pomegranate fruit. Suitable for: Color-treated, normal to fine hair.

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