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Reverse Female Hair Loss and hair thinning are a growing sector within the beauty market. I used to think female hair loss was a beauty issue and as such could be treated with beauty products. Self-inflicted hair loss is my most common concern. I blamed my tight braids, hair irons and chemical damage. However, the fact remains that the leading causes of female hair loss are health-related.

When my normal amount of hair fall dramatically increased, with the noticeable receding of my hairline, I panicked. I didn’t know where to begin with treating it but I couldn’t understand why it was happening. I’d stop styling my hair in tight do’s, I rarely heat style and I haven’t dyed my hair in almost 2 years. I ruled out self-inflicted hair loss so I went straight to my GP (doctor) to ask for advice. It turns out that my female hair loss was completely reversible for less than $20! 

Health Causes

There are dozens of reasons female hair loss occurs but the three most common health-related causes are pregnancy, thyroid disorders and anemia. Ruling out pregnancy was instant, and I had already been investigating a thyroid issue recently and that was ruled out, so my doctor and I looked into anemia.


I had iron deficiency anemia most of my life but when I went vegan I actually stopped it. There is a lot of miseducation out there about meat and animal foods providing us with essential nutrients. I found reducing my animal foods intake and switching them to a wider range of foods that contained a greater variety of vitamins and minerals did good things for my body and my appearance. When I had my mental breakdown I stopped eating appropriately. Actually, I stopped eating altogether for long periods of time. The result was my anemia coming back and I ignored it.

My GP suggested that before we go down the expensive path of seeing any number of specialists and dermatologists we should try simply adding an iron supplement to my diet. I was prepared to try all the prescription hair tonics, laser and any other treatment that was recommended but ideally, a $15 bottle of vitamins would be a dream solution for me.

The Results

Reverse Female Hair Loss
My hair before and after treatment

After 30 days of taking 1 Iron Plus supplement each day, my hairline had filled out to what it was 3 years earlier. I have very thin hair so my hair has never provided full coverage of my scalp, but as you will see from the before and after photos, the results are noticeable.

While I waited for the regrowth I used topical hair volumizing products to look sufficient. I found the NIOXIN Diaboost to be a real-life-saver during this time. I’m working on getting my diet back to how it used to be but until then I will continue to use a nutritional supplement.

Have you experienced female hair loss or thinning? What treatments have you tried for “Reverse Female Hair Loss”? Let me know by commenting below!

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