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Now that it’s warming up in the Southern Hemisphere you just know that a barrage of sunscreen and sun safety articles will be heading your way. Before I get into my heavy posting of sun protection loves, I’m going to give you a review of another essential summertime beauty product – the after sun gel. This review is about Reef ’s After Sun Repair Gel but you probably know Reef for their sun tanning oils more than you would for anything else. The fact is that what you apply to your skin AFTER sun exposure is just as important as what you use during it.

Will this repair gel give you the necessary cooling, healing and hydrating powers? Let’s find out! 

My Review about reef after sun repair gel 150 ml

Review Packing Reef After Sun Repair Gel

reef after sun repair gel 150 ml
reef after sun repair gel 150 ml
  • The generous 150ml product is packaged in a blue tube with flip open lid at the base. The lid does click securely closed and I’ve never had a leak despite throwing it around in my beach bag and luggage. It’s a firm plastic but still quite easy to squeeze.
  • There’s a light blue tint colour to the gel formula but you can’t see this when applied to the skin.

Feel When Using Reef After Sun Repair Gel

  • Whether you’re applying to sunburn or regular skin, it has an instantly cooling feeling. You can definitely feel the cool a little more when your skin is burnt or just over exposed but either way it’s a lovely, refreshing feeling.
  • It rubs in easily and dries quickly (especially on burnt skin as it’s so thirsty for moisture). It moves a lot smoother on the skin than fresh from-the-plant aloe vera and doesn’t leave a film on the skin.
  • The signature Reef coconut scent is strong in this product so if you love the Reef oil you will love this product too. I personally find it a bit overwhelming and it feels a little unnatural because I know there is absolutely no coconut in the product. At least with the oil your brain is a little fooled into thinking you are applying coconut oil.
  • This product isn’t just for after sun use. I’ve found it to be extremely useful on razor burn and heat rash. It calms my skin quickly and keeps the area moisturised so that it doesn’t get irritated.
  • I believe this product gave my skin more moisture than fresh from-the-plant aloe vera. I could feel my skin remained smoother and calmer for longer, and even though reapplication is necessary I didn’t feel like I had to do it as often.

What Reef say ….

Use coconut scented Reef After Sun Repair Gel to cool and soothe sunburn, windburn, razor-burn or similar skin irritations. Contains Aloe Vera and Green Tea to soothe, calm, moisturise and protect irritated skin.

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